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I am using a Mac and followed your instructions and everything went smoothly. I only wanted the Cantonese Apps and you provided it for me. I am just wondering, there is alot of canto tv series i would like to watch. Is it possible to change the language from canto to mando like how vcds and stuff let u do? You can follow the steps from this article.

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Thank you so much for the easy instructions! I was able to install with no issues. Thanks guide was what I was looking for ;. I have followed all the steps to download files gvos2-sd1 and Somehow my tvpad3 detect usb drive but wont give me an option to install it , please advise. I cant read chinese characters. Does the installations available in English? Everything worked as indicated. I do have a question though, does the Menu button on the remote do anything.

$199 TVPad-- Watch Hong Kong/Mainland Channels LIVE with NO monthly fees

Thank you thank you!! I did an upgrade on the firmware as some instructions popped up from my tvpad2 and lost all my Cantonese apps!!!! Your help above was immensely helpful to me, and thank you for posting the tools required too because people like me technologically below average would have never found those tools by myself. Thanks in advance. Thanks a lot.

You have provided us the best and most detailed help on this forum and beyond. Pamela Ip. Anyone knows how to access the 3 days time-shift live playback?

I cannot find any instruction to use this claimed new features in TVPad3! Happy new year…. Please advise Thank you.

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Plug in USB drive icon comes up but no other pop up to install. Hi, I am currently having issues with my kodi app on the tvpad4 because the date is set to January so as a result, only movies before are showing. I understand that this is due to the system itself so the tvpad4 having a date in Any help would be greatly appreciated! Connected the mouse to tvpad, mouse pointed it on top right just above the people icon head, left click and hold to pull down the menu and go to settings to change the current date and time.

Google play store is not gonna work with this unit. Casterina said:. RSS apk download link: Thanked by 1 shihto. My rss is work but need use the mouse to control can't use the tvpad 4 control! After installation successful, video playback was also successful. Everything plays smoothly and no stutter. BS Player also played with subtitles, so it was a nice touch. Almost forgot to mention, you can use keyboard and mouse with the H. But a USB keyboard and mouse definitely works. So overall, VERY happy with this purchase. Like Like. Hi Jammy, Unfortunately no, there are no Korean channels.

My sis-in-law is Korean, so I am keep on Korean as well.

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Have to wait until Feb to see if TVPad 4 stays active. TVPad 4 does have Korean. The guy that sells these things said TVPad 4 will be paying the broadcasters license fees, so will be legal. But only time will tell…. Could you give an example? In terms of playback, I do see an app that is dedicated to mandarin TV playback from 7 days. Yes I do see the 7 days playback for the China stations, just wondering if they have one for the Taiwan too since China and Hong Kong has the 7 days playback, I want to find if there is any apps to watch Taiwanese dramas.

Thanks for your reply. TV Box? What is the price? For me, I always start my search in eBay. I see there are apps for Hong Kong and maintain Chinese. And as I said, you can install your own Android apps. And I believe they would have chinese subtitles. Hi, someone has installed the Vchannel app for me onto my htv box 3. However, everytime I try to watch there is a message pop up saying I need to update the app.

Any suggestion? Like I said in my article, Google Play store did not work at all for me either. Please read my hints and tips section. Try downloading this https: You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Skip to content H. Very nice package. Very nice remote control.

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