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Thanks for your efforts to keep us updated to be able to compete in this world. Kiran d Thanks for the feedback and sugges- tions Kiran. We'LL try and innpLennent thenn. But I have a few com- plaints: Fast Track topics are not really what they used to be can you please explain the old stuff again, as some of it has changed too drastically. Some emails to AgentOOl were unacknowledged. Besides these, please continue in the direction that you've been going. ParthMittal Digit I November 1 www.

Designed for style. Green living is an ideal, an aspiration, and above all, a choice. Delightfully slim and light, the U36SD Bamboo notebook boasts a smoky-brown bamboo exterior reminiscent of contemporary designer furniture, bearing natural patterns that are unique to each notebook. Inside, chiclet keys rise like pebbles seamlessly from a lagoon of brushed aluminum, adding to the notebook's modern-yet-traditional allure.

Products may not be available in all markets. ASUS India is not responsible for any typing errors in specifications. Kindly check with your local dealer for exact details. Read more on page 74 Project Roslyn Microsoft reinvented compilers with Roslyn Technology that deconstructs every piece of code as a service H Thanks for your vote for the ongoing DVDs vs.

Fast Tracks debate. The results are in, and after thousands of votes, the DVD guys won 54 to 46 per cent. I am the first one to admit that I was wrong, and in this case, my gut feeling was that Fast Tracks would be more preferred - they aren't, not just yet. We get hundreds of mails a day, and some of them get by us, especially during issue closing, but we'll renew our efforts to try and answer all mails. We cover a wide range of topics in our Fast Tracks so look out for the ones you requested.

We also cover industry news in our Industry Con- nect section so watch out for that, we will try and cover more campus ambassador news in the future. This is my first letter to you. You're the best tech magazine and I'm happy just to get the magazine. I really liked the September edition and especially the accessories article.

I would also like to thank you for the Java Fast Track you published in Jan issue that helped me pass my Java exam and project. The Cowon earphones I received as a subscription gift are really good. In 1 became a lecturer in a college in West Bengal. I purchased a computer for typing which I leant by following our clerical staff Some months later I was looking for some wallpapers and in Howrah station I came across a magazine named Digit giving free wallpapers with the magazine. I purchased it and enjoyed the contents and touched a DVD first time I was looking for one that time.

But then I started reading the maga- zine and instantly fell in love with it. One year later I became an expert of Windows according to my colleagues! Because of advanced information on gaming I became an expert in gaming too. But in that process of tweaking and overclocking I damaged my hard disks and processors a number of times. Some more months passed on and the local vendors would consult me for new products, configu- rations and gadgets. A guy taught me Photoshop, Coreldraw and all other software I seem to have learnt from Digit.

After that I got my first internet connec- tion when Digit provided a Fast Track on blogging. Some more Fast Tracks on the web and internet followed. From Digit I came to know of Open Source and became an avid follower. In 1 purchased a site, designed it and started Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humani- ties www. In 1 started a magazine on art and design at wwwchitrolekha. I get some money from Adsense Digit carried a coverage on it and pass them onto maintaining the sites. I have helped a number of OA initiatives in India with my technical knowledge. But I owe all to Digit which has provided everything whenever I needed sometimes just by coincidence.

I'm sorry that I didn't acknowledge your debt earlier. Tarun Tapas Mukherjee Paschim Medinipur you impart to the readers. I am proud to be a Digit reader. I'm a school student and I study in class 9. I've been a subscriber of Digit since the past 3 months and wait eagerly for the magazine and the DVD every month. The DVDs are really beneficial and have lot to teach. According to me, the World View section is the most interesting one. January issue was very useful to me as it had the advertise- ment of Kurukshetra. I also liked the part where you listed all the top software and games of last year.

Your video of tab- lets on the DVD was also fabulous. Till date I found the Windows 7 Fast Track most interesting and helpful. I want to make some suggestions. First of all, you shouldn't provide the Fast Tracks on the DVDs as there's problem of electricity in many towns in India.

I observed the January magazine was full of adver- tisements, please try to lessen or decrease the advertisement in the magazine. Abdul Kalam visited RR. Rote College of engineering, Amravati and here a technical festival was organized named as Techelons. I participated in this fest and a won 1st rank in the event of Science Model Making and most of the credit I give to Digit to enhance my technical knowledge. I also tried to participate in the Kuruk- shetra but it was too late so, I will try for it next time.

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I want your guidance in order to develop more and by this, I end my letter. Amrut Deshmukh Amravati, Maharashtra. H Hi Amrut, we are so happy to know that you won the first prize in your college festival. It's readers like you who make us proud, keep up the good work and happy reading. And I've acquired good knowledge from your magazine. How- ever, I had asked many questions but haven't got any reply nor did it get pub- lished in the magazine. That's the only issue I have with Digit, otherwise the knowledge that you guys give is great.

It's up-to-date with the market. Keep doing a good job. I'm looking forward to pur- chasing an Android phone and am very confused since my budget is? Thank you for the knowledge. It helps a lot to know that people are appreciating what we're doing. We do make an attempt to feature as many queries as possible in the magazine every month. Most of the time, due to space constraints, many queries are missed out. It's an upgrade from the hugely successful Wildfire. It gives me immense pleasure to write to you to acknowledging the great work that's put in by you and the crew. Never has a maga- zine caught my attention the way Digit has, with great printing, humour, and style.

Not to forget the content! By god! Any errors I find rarely are instantly forgiven by the time I'm on the next page. The October issue is great, the cover image is a great idea. FT to nano technology was just amazing in the previous issue. Rlease incorporate such topics in the future. Other than that you guys are my Gods, after the real Gods, parents and soccer of course.

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Exquisite work! Amruth Q Thanks for your admiring words Amruth. We will look into the suggestions given by you. I've read many editions of it and with each edition I've learnt something new about RCs or mobile phones. I first saw Digit at our school library when my friend was reading it. I asked my friend later what he was reading and he told me about your magazine and also told that a DVD comes with it that's full of software and games. And that was the moment that my excitement was above sea level.

I went home and told my papa to bring Digit as my birthday gift as it was the day after. He gave me the magazine and I read the whole thing in one day. This was the story of my Digit experience. Here are some points that I would like to put up for further improvements: Rlease make Digit more interesting, I mean the written matter is so boring and looks like it's copy and pasted. I'm a student and there must be some easy language too. Rlease give your music that you put in your DVD so that it can be played separately. I want to learn soldering and how to make interconnections with that, so please include that.

Thanks for your feedback Abhimanyu we'll try and incorporate your suggestions. Happy reading. Only reputed western brands - such as HTC. The impression that all good things in technology come from Western brands, is a cliched one. The popu- larity of brands such as Apple and Black- Berry have led to most Indians believing that cutting-edge developments in technology are a phenomenon of the Western world. Perhaps, there's also the tendency to visu- alise Asia as a mere manufacturing hub for designs, technologies and aesthetic concepts that originate in the West.

Banish the thought There's so much innovation happening in Asia that countries such as Taiwan, China, and even India are seeing a patent boom. In , Taiwan was the third-largest filers of patents after the US and Japan, respectively. Taiwan is at the heart of most ICT products used by technology enthusiasts in India. If you look inside your PC, you will prob- ably find that a major part of it comes from compa- nies based in Taiwan.

Ditto with most of the other de- vices you own. A prime attribute for this is the fact that Taiwan ICT companies are quick to hit the market with innovative of- ferings, and are backed by a robust servicing and support infrastructure. Most importantly, Taiwan ICT products believe in offering value for the price, which is a key driver for Indian consumers.

One unity to the brands that stem from Taiwan is largely due to the quality symbol Taiwan Excellence. Set up in , Taiwan Excellence repre- sents the mark awarded by the Govt. The report opens with these lines, "Taiwan forms an indispensable part of the global Information and Communications Technology ICT industry. With roughly It's your life. Social media identity.

Financial info. Protect the stuff that makes you, you, with Norton's suite of security products. It offers powerful defence against cyber threats, giving you the confidence to live your life fully in the digital world. Moreover, business opportunities created by Taiwan's large-scale manufac- turing are being avidly pursued by technol- ogy firms from across the world.

Taiwanese-owned companies produce more than 70 per cent of all LCD monitors, 88 per cent of all netbooks, and more than 94 per cent of all laptops world- wide! The industry growth rate for was With reputed market ana- lysts like Gartner predicting high growth in the smartphones and computing industry, Taiwan's ICT sector is firmly on the path to high growth. HTC was judged as the number one brand at the event. HTC was included in the list of top international brands. The phenomenal growth in the brand's value is being attributed to HTC's successful capture of the Smartphone mar- ket over the past year and its active acquisi- tion of various companies for future devel- opment of the cloud market.

Many smartphone users in India would eagerly cast their vote for HTC. Each year, key gLobaL businesses come to this event to Launch their new products the Indian market. In other words, one in almost every four smartphones in the world has been manufactured in Tai- wan! Similarly in the tablet space, Taiwan is playing a lead role.

Worldwide tablet shipments from the island are forecasted to grow from 35 million units in to million units in Likewise brands Hke Acer, ASUS, MSI, have all been making steady in- roads into the In- dia laptop, note- book, netbook and tablet market with a large part of the units man- ufactured by Tai- wanese firms get sold in Asia itself the continent is already on its way to becoming the world's biggest market for tech- nology gadgets. When it comes to notebook computers, the average monthly production in Taiwan exceeds 14 million units. Con- stant innovation has been the hallmark of Taiwan's personal computing industry.

Cas- es in point are the Aspire and that Acer launched in These notebooks are designed especially for productivity, family entertainment and education. MSI's C series of multimedia notebooks - with a CPU that's produced using nano -technology - touched the market in Facebook www. Fortune Marketing Pvt. To add to these, ASUS has created a sensa- tion with its innovative hybrid tablet. Called the Eee Pad Transformer, the tablet comes with its own expandable keyboard docking station.

The HTC Flyer, which boasts of a 7-inch screen and l. S-Ghz processor, is one of the fastest tablets in the world. Apart from the phone and notebook markets, which are obviously seeing a growth spurt, another market with huge potential in India is the home entertainment segment, and AVerMedia, a major global player in multimedia, internet TV and con- sumer Electronics products is gearing up for this with a slew of new products that promise to make entertainment at home simpler and seamless.

Alongside a full-line of TV tuner and personal video recorder products, AVerMedia manufactures docu- ment cameras, digital video makers, TV photo viewers and PC-to-TV converters for consumer, corporate and educational mar- kets. Taiwan's century On October 10, , Taiwan celebrated its th birthday. Taiwanese-owned companies manufacture more than 70 per cent of all LCD monitors in the entire world.

In addition, 18 Taiwanese brands of them further joint-sponsored and equipped 4 Indian young opinion leaders with a com- plete IT Travel Kit to travel with and blog about from Oct. Interested IT en- thusiasts may follow their blogs to get a per- sonal insight of these Taiwan technologies from these 4 IT travelers on http: Taiwan and Pilot Fish What about India? We're not just buyers, as some would think. Yes, although manufacturers from all over the world are targeting the spend- ing power of rich to middle-class Indians, it's the average Indian developer that will gain the most.

Thanks to Taiwanese ex- pertise in manufacturing, an ever increas- ing number of people are buying the latest, sleek, intelligent products -based on pop- ular platforms such as Windows and An- droid. Since these same products are sold by Taiwan brands globally, a rather large worldwide market opens up to the Indian developer. The timing has never been bet- ter for an India-Taiwan software-device combination that can take over markets all over the globe - a rather win-win situation for both sides.

Building powerful networks for over 40 years, we deliver switching solutions that are compact, energy efficient and easy to operate, making data transfers and crossovers literally a few clicks away. Just connect this network- streaming device to a wireless rout- er and your TV, and voila! Live broadcasts on your iPad or Windows PC. If that's not enough, you can also record and playback with a mere click. If that doesn't tame the most demanding games, nothing else will.

Overall, a jewel from the ASUS stable. It's a 2. Available in passion red and jet black, and GB, GB, and 1 TB capacities, this stylish new addition brings to the market a strong combination of fashion and ultimate durability! This laptop is supported by MSI's turbo drive engine technology, which can boost up speeds by as much as 75 per cent!


Navajo County Arizona

The laptop also features an exclusive cooler boost technology, so you never have to worry about overheating, especially considering the power on tap here. Use the docking station and you have a notebook PC with a comfortably spaced QWERTY keyboard; detach the dock and it's a tablet - just walk away, still computing to your heart's con- tent. The device runs Android 3. The docking station has its own battery, and the combined device can stay powered for up to 16 hours! ASUS Padfone Another breakthrough product from ASUS which combines smartphone and tablet into one symbiotic device that allows you to choose the screen size that best fits your activities.

With the Padfone, the smartphone docks inside the tablet to recharge from the tablet's larger bat- tery and the tablet can also make use of the smartphone's 3G internet connec- tion. Apps transition seamlessly when you switch between the two devices too! HTC Explorer HTC has just introduced ones of its most af- fordable, yet full-featured Android smart- phones, HTC Explorer, that looks set to provide feature phone upgraders with more innovation options.

HTC Explorer offers users the perfect blend of ease of use, design and trademark HTC innovation that promises to be a hit in the budget smart- phone market. When clicked, the Google doodle directs you to the search results for "Google". The com- pany filed for Inc. However, the company officially chose to celebrate its birthday on September Google's 13th anniversary comes at a time when the Internet giant is facing stiff competition from Facebook.

As you may have already noticed, the rivalry between Google and Facebook has intensified, with both sides frequently rolling out new services and features. On the other hand, Google still enjoys strong presence online with research showing that Google is maintaining a nearly 90 per cent share of the global search engine market. The co-founder and chief architect of one of the biggest companies in the world, Apple Inc. Apart from the words from Apple's Board of Directors, newly appointed Apple CEO Tim Cook, and Bill Gates, tributes from the common man are flooding the Internet, with people also flocking to Apple's stores and offices to leave mementos, flowers, pictures and post-its in memoriam to the enigmatic futurist.

A creative genius, Steve Jobs's zealful personality was one of the principal driving forces behind personal com- puting, one of the folks "crazy enough" to change the world. The sad news of his demise has had a profound effect on all of us. P Steve Jobs. Samsung launches mirrorless camera - theNX Samsung is now setting its sights on the high- end camera segment as it reveals its target to sell nearly , - , units of its "mirrorless" cameras by the end of this year. Samsung has high expectations from its NX range of cameras, which are known for their interchange- able lenses and mirrorless design.

Samsung's announce- ment comes close on the heels of the launch of the new NX Series camera called the NX The NX has been ini- tially launched in Korea and is likely to be rolled out glo- bally by the end of October. It is said to be a lighter and sleeker version of its predecessors and is capable of taking faster shots without distorting the quality of the images.

However, it's not only Samsung who's manufacturing mirrorless cameras. Brands such as Olympus and Pana- sonic have already been selling mirrorless cameras for quite some time now. The latest to join the mirrorless camera band- wagon is Nikon with its Nikon 1 series camera. All three headphones have been launched in collabora- tion with Adidas Originals. According to the press release, the "trefoil brand" has been "linked to the music scene for a long time and is connected uniquely to the beginnings of Hip Hop in the s.

For more details about the Sennheiser Adidas Originals headphones, refer to the Sen- nheiser India site at littp: The initiative is said to be a first of its kind in the country and is available exclu- sively at Croma. The Intel Anti-Theft Service is custom activated on laptops with the Sandy-Bridge proces- sors, and allows customers to remotely lock down their missing, or stolen laptops. The built-in technology works even if the hard drive is reimaged, a new hard drive installed, or the boot order changed.

The laptop will remain locked, and will not boot. The lock down is activated via an Internet notification or intelligent hardware timers. Users will be able to also display a custom message on their locked laptops. Laptops can then be fully revived to normal functionality with the user's personal password.

Intel will be responsible for service hosting, customer support and working with different OEMs to ensure their laptop hardware is embedded with the technology. The Aakash tablet, previously nicknamed as Sakshat, looks different from the prototype flaunted by the telecom minister, Kapil Sibal, last year. However, the specs of the device remain as previ- ously reported. The Aakash tablet will be manufactured by Datawind, it runs on the Android 2. The UbiSlate come bundled with a cellular mode DataWind has also set up a new production line in Hyderabad to manufacture the tablets.

Zuckerberg laid out Facebook's vision for the future of profiles on Facebook, integration of music streaming services, news aggregation and other content spotting on the web site. This is a complete revamp of the website. Timeline is a new way to express yourself to the world. It aggre- gates all the content you have created and uploaded on Face- book in a nice flip book sort of way. The idea behind this being that a person is much more than his present status, according to Zuckerberg.

There is a central line which splits your screen into half and there are dots which expand on either side of the line to give information on the person. As you scroll down you will get to know about the major events from the person's life in the form of photos, videos, status updates. This timeline goes back upto and then you have a 'Way Back' section where you can upload content from before Think baby pictures from your birth year, your award win- ning school essay, videos from your uncle's wed- ding, etc.

One interesting aspect of Timeline is the huge header image which it allows you to upload. Scrolling through the profile can also highlight aspects of the users personality. For instance, if you are a photographer or a musi- cian, then you can put up a powerful header image which communicates that fact. You have complete control over who views your timeline. Another feature Maps fea- ture, which lets you view where all you have been all these years. This is possible thanks to the Facebook Places integration. How many times have you wanted to check out an app and had to answer that pop up asking your permission?

Well, Open Graph is a whole new category of apps which will allow you to add activity to your stream without addressing any unwanted prompts asking for permission. You will get a single Permissions page that will allow publishing of all the app related data on your timeline. Pattern Recognition was a common theme in the key- Facebook timeLine note of Zuckerberg. He plans to make sharing a seamless experience on Facebook. Stuff like streaming music, TV con- tent and news sharing has been around since ages. But Facebook with its new Open Graph app ecosystem, plans to collaborate with a lot of news websites, music streaming services and TV content streaming services to allow you to read news, watch TV and listen to music based on what your friends are doing.

So if your friend is listening to a particular song, you will get an update in your Facebook ticker about the same, and you can start listening to that same track simultaneously provided you have the necessary app. IrteL Broadband customers irked about the fair usage poLicy and high-speed data transfer Linnits on their 'unlimited' plans might be happy to Learn of the com- i pany's Latest announcement.

Now, instead of settLing for a Lower bandwidth after reaching their data usage Limits, customers can purchase additionaL data usage packs caLLed Smartbytes. Apart from "augmenting their high speed data transfer Limit", AirteL Broadband customers wiLL now have a way to track their monthLy data usage, with notifications about their billing cycle and the amount of data Left in their plan. AJI rigtits reserved. All trade ngrries are regtstered trademarks of respective manufacturers Nsled, Connections e Chrome overtakes Mozilla Chrome has finaLLy overtaken Firefox in terms of acceptance Larry and the fox MoziLLa has integrated twitter search into Firefox 8 Google unveils the digital Dead Sea Scrolls - ancient texts, indexed In keeping with its pro- fessed aim of digitizing the real world, so that it is accessible, indexed, and searchable online, Google has collaborated with the Israel Museum, and brought the Dig- ital Dead Sea Scrolls online.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are considered by historians to be the oldest known biblical manuscripts in existence, dating back to the third century BCE and first century CE. The scrolls were discovered in eleven caves on the shores of the Dead Sea, between and , and have provided scarcely known details about the Second Temple Period, alongside the birth of Christi- anity and Rabbinic Judaism. More will presumably, follow. Accessible by all, the Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Project allows users to examine these ancient treatises in great detail, with fast-loading, searchable high- res images and soon, complete translations as well.

Users will also be able to submit transla- tions in their own languages. Also provided along- side are explanatory videos, background information on the texts and details about their history. The Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Project is certainly a laudable effort by Google, and history buffs have inarguably been given a rich new source of excitement, sitting in the comfort of their homes.

We look forward to other treasured and preserved works making their way online, to be preserved indefinitely, digitally, and available to all. Tlie autliorisation paves the way for the com- pany to Launch its broadband services in the country. QuaLcomm yesterday dis- cLosed that it had received a Letter from the Indian teLecom ministry, granting it a License for the four zones. Sony announced the breach this morning, after it had locked down approximately 93, affected accounts.

According to the Japanese giant, the hackers possessed "a massive set of sign-in IDs and passwords," and but were only able to access "less than one-tenth of 1 per- cent" of all accounts - making this breach not as massive as the first one which took out 77 mil- lion PSN and Qriocity accounts earlier this year. Users whose accounts were affected can already regain access, with Sony sending out password reset mails to reactivate the locked accounts.

While the intruders had managed to get past the verification stages, the affected users' credit card information was "not at risk", according to Sony. A "small fraction" of the 93, accounts however, "showed additional activity prior to being locked," and Sony is investigating what happened during this period, and will restore any unauthorized transactions.

EI 24 Digit I November 1 www. A variant of the S60v5, the primary upgrade to the OS was the integration of the UI into the OS itself, which resulted in an increase in performance. By this time of course, the iPhone and Android had launched and Symbian has desperately been trying to play catch-up ever since. The initial version of the OS was quite simplistic, lacking even copy-paste functionality. The OS was originally developed for the iPhone, but later on further developed as a platform for all apple devices except the iMac.

The OS started picking up speed at an exponential rate and almost single-handedly ousted Nokia rent update. Belle, introduced re-sizeable, live, widgets and, notifications in the lock-screen, NFC and numerous UI tweaks. The interface is also quite zippy and the browser is one of the few mobile browsers that sup- ports flash natively.

The future of this OS is still dicey though, especially with its owner, Nokia, planning a switch to the Windows Phone 7. The features it intro- duced were quite revolutionary at the time, but with the advent of the open-source Android OS and the growing threat from Microsoft with its upcoming "Mango" update, iOS 4 started to look old very fast. The upgrade, while absolutely huge in terms of features was, again, mostly essential updates and just enough to keep the OS at the same level as its competition. The interface underwent a serious overhaul, and started incorpo- rating a text based UI.

The interface was a very unique, list-based Metro "design language". That and the introduction of "live" tiles set the OS apart from its brethren. The initial WP7 OS was an aesthetically pleasing, but essentially crippled OS, not even having the ability to set custom ring tones. At its current state, WP75, the OS is packed to the gills with features and can give any current mobile OS a run for its money. It does, however, suffer from a severe lack of apps. A complete list of features can be found at http: The OS is still as popular as ever though, and as long as Apple keeps updating their software, it is very unlikely that iOS will fall from favour any time soon.

It was in that Samsung announced their first Bada 1. When the OS was first launched, it was a very basic OS with just the bare essential features to clas- sify it as a smartphone. With the upgrade to Bada 2. The Android Android is a comparatively new entrant in the smartphone OS arena, but has risen to popu- larity at such a rapid rate that it has acquired almost half the smartphone market share in the world.

The compara- tively rapid update cycle meant that despite a rocky start, the OS now sets the norm as far as the mobile OS is concerned. Android has gained a lot of popularity and has completely dethroned Nokia and is slowly eating its way into Apple's, previously untouchable, market share. Now with the release of Android v4.

BlackBerry tightly integrates its OS with its devices and tries to ensures quality "push" mail service no matter what. The app marketplace has also slowly been growing and now includes over 7, apps. Samsung has announced plans to make this OS open source and to also integrate it into their upcoming Smart TVs as well. Overall, this OS does have a lot of potential. How the public receives it remains to be seen. The v4. The upgrade does not seem like any- thing much when compared to the iOS 5 or Mango updates, but this is because the OS already had most of those features integrated to begin with.

This OS is here to stay and is only getting better with time. BB OS has always been a very good, reliable and secure OS, but was never much of a multimedia device. It will run on the QNX plat- form which means that will not be backward compatible with 0S7 devices. The 0S7 update brings with it an upgraded graphics engine, voice activated search as well as NFC and a much better browser and HD video recording. RIM hopes that this upgrade will keep it in the running as a competitive OS. Also available in: A finished portfolio is nnandatory. Counter Strike Source 1. Log on to www. The idea of a secure watertight Web still remains an unattainable dream, despite efforts to make it a reality.

Here's what crippled your web experience last month Sony PSN network hacked again! These guys just can't catch a break. On a company blog entry goo. Well, that itsy-bitsy number roughly constitutes about 93, user accounts. Yeah, you read that right.

However, Sony maintains that credit card data of affected user accounts isn't at risk. Users "will receive an email from us at the address associated with your account that will advise you on next steps in order to validate your account credentials and have your account turned back on.

Security and privacy glitches constantly hound Face- book, an unwanted trend for the world's largest social network. To counter the spread of malicious links through its medium, Facebook recently started scanning for mali- cious URLs on its network - a seemingly wise move, right? Yes, maybe, but FB's new security measure didn't work for too long.

A certain "hatter" from a hacking group called Blackhat Academy provided a live demo of how to circumvent Face- book's latest security feature. There goes Facebook's part- nership with Websense to use a real-time, cloud-based scanner for detecting mali- cious viral URLs. Probably didn't see that coming, did you Facebook? Let's hope you up the ante some more. IE9 is more secure than Chrome, Firefox Yeah, that's right.

According to a recent report, Microsoft has launched a new web site to educate netizens about secu- rity issues in modern Web browser, hoping they take browser security extremely seriously. The web site - your- browsermatters. For example, the web site lets you view scores of various browsers — Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox are the only browsers supported for now. It isn't surprising that Microsoft's IE9 scores a perfect 4 out of 4; Chrome and Firefox don't get full marks.

There's no detailed explanation in the "malware" tab of the window as to how Microsoft tabulates scores, but we guess, just like beautyoftheweb. Microsoft argues on its blog goo. And as IE9 is better in countering these specific holes, you're better off using it. Compelling argument? On hacker territory If you were ever wondering how a hacker forum compares to any other online forum, wait no more. Imperva, a security firm, has released a monthly report detailing the topic trends of an online hacker forum with 2,20, registered members. Although most of the members are dormant, the forum is a hotbed for hackers discussing training methods.

It's a plat- form for collaborating, recruit- ment and even commercial activities selling stolen data and malware. It's an insightful read, just go here: The worm is essentially sim- ilar to Stuxnet and thus, is targeting industrial systems at the moment. It's currently only gathering detailed infor- mation including security certificate which, experts sug- gest, will be used for launching further attacks.

The virus was initially designed with a lifespan of 36 days and experts are very concerned as to what Duqu 2 will be like. Espe- cially considering that stuxnet was designed to pull down Iran's nuclear program. E3 30 Digit I November 1 www. Munish Jindal - Email: With Fornnula 1 coming to India for the first time, the excitement has ensured that a lot more people than ever before follow Fl now. For the true fans amongst us, there are a bunch of smartphone apps that are helpful.

Particularly when Race Day is on and you're away from a television Vishal Mathur vishal. Featuring live updates of lap times, maps with the car positions on track and the ability to follow a driver around the circuit. Plus, you get text updates. We know this is a slightly pricey app, but it's definitely worth it. Just make sure you have a fast net connection with an unlimited data plan. You get race weekend details, session timings, live timings, track data, lap times and the championship standings.

Download this on your phone, it's free anyway. Genera Mobile Available for: Multiple boxes display all the info you need. In the first tab, you see the countdown to the race, updates when it goes live, the venue and the venue track weather condi- tions. The second tab shows the date and time of the various ses- sions scheduled for that race weekend. An image gallery is also available, as are dedicated profiles for each driver, complete with their career stats. Racing games: If you don't want to follow Fl seriously, we're sure some racing games for the smartphones will surely catch your fancy.

BUr 1: Q A MAS? We apologize for any incon- venience and we will con- tinue to keep you informed. Three days Df sheer madness! EI 32 Digit I November 1 www. There's nothing to lose, after all - they're all free! Sriram Gurunathan readersletters thinkdigit. He does this despite waking up in a cave where else? Switching between multiple weapons is possible, as is the leveling up of said weapons via power ups and capacity upgraders. In the same vein though, taking damage can downgrade your weapons. In the browser game Corpo- rate Climber, the player aims to The game is pretty fun, with plenty of subtle and not-so-subtle jabs at the corporate culture and materialistic lifestyles most of us lead.

This is the game for you then. You can choose to captain an English county side and work your way up to, or start directly off with, an international side of your choosing. The ICC series are Sports sims devoid of any actual gameplay - your role is more of a non-playing captain or coach as you supervise training schedules and team selection, set fields and decide batting and bowling strategies.

You can then sit back and watch the action unfold on the game's highlight engine. All of Earth's living cells are going to be destroyed in the next six days, and you have the choice to live your last days any way you want to. The game has multiple endings that are triggered by your actions throughout the game, but as the title says - you only get One Chance - and only one ending.

There are ways to work around that, of course. We really liked the concept and the ADV-like execution. Chrono- logically though, it slots in at second. The series borrows horror themes from other forms of fiction, with Trilby's Notes fesituYing a rather undesirable alternate dimension a la Silent Hill. While the earlier two games in the series featured point-and-click game- play. Trilby's Notes relies on keyboard navigation and a text parser for inputing commands. The game is widely con- sidered to have solid writing and chal- lenging puzzle gameplay, and we don't particularly disagree.

Give it a go regard- less of whether you enjoy your chills and thrills or not. Crossover SMB Crossover is a browser game that is - like its name says - a crossover. The levels are still from Super Mario Bros. Each character brings in its own set of moves and attacks to the table, but in a way that fits with the Mario universe , and gameplay mechanics. A lot of thought has been put into adapting the charac- ters for Mario, and it shows.

The player 34 Digit I November 1 www. Contrarily they can also make the stage impos- sible to clear, so choose wisely How this hasn't been hit with a lawsuit, we don't know, but we aren't complaining because this is one mashup that works spectacularly Link: It adds bigger maps, online multiplayer and other features to the transport sim where players managed a company that dabbled in rail, road, naval and air transport to deliver cargo - be it goods, passengers or mail - to and from industries and cities.

We sank hours and hours into Trans- port Tycoon Deluxe back in the day, and we're most definitely glad to see an Open Source version that is much improved, supports various operating systems and allows user-generated content and patches. What we can tell you, however, is that this atmospheric platformer has a quirky narrative that somehow manages to both, depress and uplift you at the same time.

The animation is sweet, as is the overall game design. The game lasts around minutes on an average, but we believe it's something definitely worth checking out. Players have to consistently hit the right keys at the right time in order to get some good multipliers going and eventu- ally a high score.

Frets on Fire X, which was a series of mods that ended up branching off from the original game, features support for upto four players and tracks for drums, bass guitars and vocals. The Fret Editor gives users the ability to create and edit custom song challenges. Frets on Fire X has access to a user-generated library of over 2, songs, which is hours and hours of entertainment if you enjoy this genre.

Players have control over the storylines, matches and their outcomes, and feuds and contracts of their organisation, to name a few things. The ulti- mate aim of the game is to put on the highest quality shows, have the largest fan base and make the most money while you're at it. The game features a fictional universe, but there are real world mods available, which will give you access to real world promo- tions, wrestlers and staff - a cool addition.

Mods are also available for various time periods. So if you think you can save WCW from going under, go ahead and take control in We Deliver! Parvej Alam Mr. Ankit Mukim Mr. Ponprasath V Mr. Akhil Verghese Mr. Ajai Narasimhamurthy Mr. Rajesh K Joseph Mr. Suvesh Sachan Mr. Syed Taukir Nassar Mr. Visit our Website: Join it! Over the years, gamers have been generalised and portrayed as brooding, intro- verted geeks, so much so that some might say there's a social stigma attached to being a gamer.

We play mythbusters and hope to dispel the veil of misinformation that surrounds this subject Sriram Gurunathan readersletters thinkdigit. Nothing could be further from the truth. Gaming is a highly social activity, what with the extensive number of gamers who meet, interact and develop friend- ships using gaming as a vehicle. Online multiplayer gaming is the Facebook of gaming networks. Even while seated in their rooms, gamers can meet other gamers from all over the world by taking their games online.

As more and more games feature co-operative game modes, more and more gamers are teaming up in an effort to experience these modes. So much so that game sales are being influenced most significantly by the strength of their multiplayer component, rather than by the single-player campaign. This escalates when the topic of Massively Multiplayer Online Games comes up. These games feature per- sistent online worlds where players compete with, or support each other. Players band together to attempt quests and clear missions in MMORPGs, thus heightening their social activity Most games and multiplayer platforms such as Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Steam also allow you to add others to your friends lists and play with them fre- quently.

And then you have online clans, wherein fraggers team up frequently in and usually moving their relation- ships to the next phase, viz the offline world. Take Tamara Langman and John Bentley, for example, who met each other when logged into World ofWarcraft and eventually ended up getting married. Runescape, which is free to play, has over million registered accounts. These numbers immediately tell you that tons of people out there like playing games that are purely multiplayer. Automatic job separation function Intelligent multifeed function. For all your document scanner requirements, kindly contact: Social networking games such as Farmville, Mafia Wars and Poker encourage user-to-user interaction in terms of gifts, chips and the like.

TyprX is a useful competitive game in work environments - it compares typing speeds among individuals. In the mobile territory, games such as Word- feud recently spiked in popularity, with gamers competing on their smartphones. Moving offline, we've seen people compete with each other over who has the higher Angry Birds level score.

Monster Hunter Portable's popularity in Japan rose to very lofty heights, as players formed parties and traded items using the PSP's ad hoc mode. In the competitive gaming scene, LAN parties and offline tournaments are as popular as always, and the formation of clans at the neighbourhood cyber- cafe is not an uncommon occurrence as gamers converge to get their chal- lenging multiplayer fix.

Also popular are gaming lounges, where tournaments are held regularly on top of offering multiplayer action along with food and drinks. These places are ideal for hosting small-scale events, LAN parties or tournaments because of the conven- ience offered by the all-in-one solution. Games such as Starcraft and Counter Strike have massive follow- We say that because gaming offers a set of features that most social networks do, and members of the community act in similar ways too! Matches are telecast on TV, and some events attract upto L2 lakh people in attend- ance!

Starcrafters are media celebri- ties out there, with one certain player, Lim Yo-Hwan having a fan club of more than half a million members. Casual gaming made a huge splash on consoles following the release of the Nintendo Wii, and titles such as Wii Sports and Just Dance became party staples at gamers' houses. Music games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero also support multiplayer, which encour- ages quite some fun.

When it comes to talking about games, gaming forums are the places to go. NeoGAF, for example, has nearly 70, registered users who've made a total of nearly 32 million posts. Gamers discuss past, current and upcoming games, cross-platform and post-gaming experiences and gaming hardware. The latest news in the gaming world is also routinely thrown around and dissected, helping you stay up-to-date with information. Other gaming communities are web sites and tools such as Playfire and Xfire, which provide players with lists of the games they've played or are playing, complete with their rat- ings and screenshots.

They can also create automated forum signatures and the like by tracking your game- play via achievements. These are a kind of gaming social network, where gamers find like-minded people. So there you have it! Gamers are fiercely social creatures, despite what people might tell you. Sure, there may be a sizeable number of anti-social gamers, but there are people like that in every community, gamer or not. H 38 Digit I November 1 www. And 48 service centers across India. Cover story It might not matter much to most of us, but India Loses an exorbitant amount of money thanks to people pLaying Farmville.

Read on to find out how and very roughly just how much Sriram Gurunathan readersletters thinkdigit. Now this is obviously ridiculous, and cannot be calculated without going insane, but since a lot of people in our office seem to waste time with FarmVille, we decided to calcu- late how much that silly game costs India on a yearly basis. We chose not to calculate the same for our sessions oi Quake III, because that actually builds motor skills, team spirit, and a whole lot of other good- ness - in case the bosses are reading this.

Now this is no regular calcula- tion, and of course it will be anything but accurate, but we decided that we'd rather err on the side of caution, and be extremely conservative with our sup- positions - the final figure will no doubt be a lot higher than what we arrive at. Indian farmers? To get anywhere, we'll first have to find out very roughly how many people in India play FarmVille. Since FarmVille accounts for 24 per cent of the monthly Zynga logins globally, let's apply the same percentage for the daily Zynga logins from India.

FarmVille probably accounts for a higher percentage of traffic in India given its popularity here. We'll ignore that for now though, and like we said earlier, try and work out a rough figure to work with. Give us our daily wages! Now, the per capita income in India is? This means 3. Age wins Digit I November 1 www. A long-lost chifdhood buddy's house, a clients offic-e or any address under the sun, Mapmy India GPS iesds you Straiighl lo yayr precise destination. Since every FarmVille player, on average, spends Again, a very conservative figure. Bottomlines Based on another study, corporate Indian companies pay their employees an average salary of?

Applying that ratio to the amount of wasted wages per day we get a figure of 1. Based on our think- digit. Now the average cost per unit of electricity across India is? This is conserva- tive, because we're taking a very low power PC and not even counting the power that speakers draw when you play it with sound. Totalling up To see details of the totalling up, look at the box on your right. Now imagine what that total would be if you were to start totalling up all the losses due to all the games we play - even just those in office hours?

Something tells us we're wasting billions of dollars on things such as Facebook, Angry Birds, and even good old Solitaire This doesn't even take into account the real money being spent on micro transactions within FarmVille. The next time you consider logging into FarmVille, ask yourself - is this really important? No way. Uh, way! ThunderBolt and lightning, very, very frightening! This lovely piece of tech combines two often overlooked features: LAN performance and audio. The onboard audio isn't the basic audio in most motherboards, but a SupremeFX X-Fi with built-in 8 channel support.

No more jamming on the keyboard while you adjust BIOS settings, just click, click, click away. Once you've booted up, you can use the CPU Level-Up feature, which gives gamers like myself a quick boost of power to the CPU for even better performance. Gamers com- peted for the chance to win cash prizes, dedicated gaming laptops and a lot of pride. Our cutting edge technologies allow enthusiasts to play games with eye-popping graphics and the latest effects for an immersive adrenaline rush like nothing else.

Like other athletes, their skills deserve to be recognised and rewarded.

The fairer sex were also given the chance to show off their elite skills, with Ne I for Speed and Grand Theft Auto tournaments for girls. The winners were Roshni. Tasi and Dipika Jerome respectively. Dipika also got the chance to play Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan at his own game, Ra.

One DossibLe. This movie is actuaLLy about a computer game! One, they are the key ingredient in every PC. Not ieen in image is the I. The 3D Vision 2 gLasses cLaim to feature Lenses that are 20 per cent Larger than those in the first generation, thus resuLting mighty impressed. Gamers got the chance. Now that is somethin get behind, so it wouLd be rather cooL if something Like that happened in India.

Everyone needs hardware to game on, and even that very first hurdle turns into a stumbling block in our country as decent hardware is priced quite high and out of reach for most people. This initial expenditure alone throws a lot of poten- tial gamers off, as not many can afford it. Sorry no repairs Even when you do fork out the cash for a console, you're heavily unate Our land isn't the best of environnnents for ganners to thrive in, be it casual or hardcore. We looked to our team - and also our connnnunity - for inputs and the result is this list of 10 reasons why being a ganner sucks in India.

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