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The hacker changed The language to Arabic and then changed all of my contacts. FB allowed my email back on the account after I provided an ID but when I click the recovery link and they send me a code to reset my password, once I hit enter after the code it says I have tried too many time and to try later. It has been that way for three days. Is there an amount of time Inhave to wait? The most is 8 hrs so far and that still showed the same..

Hey Ash, sorry to hear this is happening to you! The "too many times" error has come up in the comments here many times. It sounds like it could be an error on Facebook's end and not your fault for missing a window of opportunity. Have you tried emailing Facebook under security facebookmail. Some people have reported that they could recover their hacked account that way. They attached ID verification copy of passport or US driver's license.

Hi Tina, sorry I had to repost because I mistyped my original comment I have a conundrum; I reset my password recently and the verification code went to an old email that I hadnt accessed for awhile and ended up getting locked out of. I had also never verified the connection between my cell and my facebook account.

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Turns out, I was able to remember my original facebook profile password recently. Upon typing that in i was directed to a page that says: Do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much either way. I did try emailing facebook security a few days ago but I dont think they ever respond to that. Also did one of the facebook help forms a few weeks ago without a response. Hi, Tina good news I already recover my old facebook account. I'd sent my passport as my identity.

Thank you so much for the help. God bless? HI, please can you help me, where tou sent your pasaprt that recover your account. Can you write me how to contact fb and how many times need to recover. So I upgraded my phone and when I did it signed me out of my Facebook app. So I went through proving my identity by using the trusted contacts feature and they said they would send me an email, but I never recieved and email. And it just leads me back to using the trusted friends feature to recover my account. And with no way to contact Facebook I have absolutely no idea what to do next.

And advice or help is appreciated!!!! I've verified my identity countless times using the Trusted Contacts method. I no longer have access to the emails associated with my account bad mistake but I've provided several valid email addresses for FB to use to send the confirmation email to and have never received it. I'm stuck and my business is at a stand still. If I could pay someone to help me access my account I would!!

If anybody has any advice it will be greatly appreciated. You literally just described my exact situation today. Did you have any luck with anything??? Hi Tina! Do you have anyother email from facebook? Cuz untill now they are not responding to my email. Ive send 3 mails to them but still no replying!??

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That's the only one I have. And it can take weeks for them to respond. They also won't respond if your information is incomplete or impossible to verify. For example, if you didn't use your legal name for your Facebook profile, you'll have trouble proving your identity. I had to have my facebook account terminated, so I did What is going on? Maybe the photo fails one of their filters? Not sure why that would lead to a disabled account though. Are you using the same email address or phone number for the new account? Try using a different phone number.

I suspect that since the phone number is used for account recovery, it has to be unique to your account. None of this information is helping cuz facebook has no client acre if u asked me. I have tried all these and I have also tried to memorize my password over a thousand times but facebook has still not realised. Am fed up and am not ready to open another account after all I forgot to add I can not access my business page as I need to access it via private.

Even if I create a new account how can I recover my business accounts? Hey Aga, some other commenters with a business page could recover their account after emailing Facebook with a proof of identity scan of US driver's license or passport. Hope this hint will help you. If we didn't have to provide ID to open account why and how would providing further private information help? When you open a new account, it doesn't contain any private information. Trying to recover an account with existing personal information, friendships, private messages, photos, etc. Imagine someone tried to maliciously obtain access to your account.

You'd want it to be difficult and you'd want Facebook to require proof of identity. I didn't remember my password so I used the I forgot option the only problem is I don't receive any codes from facebook I have checked spam aand every folder even via search for fb emails. Anyway I used the direct link changer which worked I put a password but I didn't get a confirmation it was changed just a blank page.

Now it says it's incorrect. I used mobile phone no codes received either I used my 3 friends contact to use another email and no email received to another email. I still don't understand how is that there is no way of contacting facebook. It's clearly they fault that I don't get the codes on 2 different emails and a phone number.

It's crazy! Id creat a new facebook account since my 1st account is i cant recover it. But i email the facebook to the mail you give to recover my 1st account do think its ok? Yes, that's OK, but whether or not they respond, and how fast, I can't tell you, sorry! Hope you'll be able to recover your account. Good luck! Yeah i drop an email to them on january29 untill now they not responding! Uhm are they sure respondng to the mails? How i wish i could recover my account. Anywas thank you god bless. Some readers said they have. Typically, it was people who attached proof of identity scan of US driver's license or passport to the email.

Recovering your account using an ID probably only works if you used your full legal name with your Facebook profile. Thank you so much tina! Ill post a comment again if they respond to my email and hopefully to recover my facebook account. I know all old password of my facebook account but I cant access my mobile phone to receive recovery code what is the solution please??? Are you still logged into Facebook anywhere?

On another computer or browser maybe? If you're still logged in anywhere, you can update your mobile phone number. Otherwise, proof of identity will be the only way to recover your account and that only works if you used your full legal name for your Facebook profile. I got a suspicious message which led me to believe I was hacked. Any advice? Otherwise, you could try to verify your identity with Facebook to restore your account. Only works if you used your full legal name for your Facebook profile. I cannot access or even find my current Facebook account.

An old Facebook account of mine still comes up. I do not want to shut this one down, but I do want to 'find' my current account. It seems to have disappeared???

Maybe Facebook shut it down for being a duplicate? Did you use the same name and contact information? Yet again I was hacked just before Christmas lost everything ask all my friends to like me again and now u have stop my account when logging in secerlty reason why I have photos of my LATE DAD that I just got from my old account I talk to my family on this why have u done it. Facebook will ask you for a new email address or phone number, so that they can reach out to you if needed.

Hi Tina Have a good day. My account can not identified after enter valid phone number and email number. So i can not go next step to retrieve my account. Note that, at first i rcv verification code into my phone number but it's not working after put in dialog box. Pls help me by advising your best suggestion. The article above and comments below is all I know. Please browse through the comments. Hi tina I hope u are fine there I have a fb problem about two authentication factor.. I log in but they replies and asked code generator but I didn't received I have mobile number that was registered with in I need ur help plz Its a humble request to u I will pay fees to u but plz help me to bring back my account Thank u.

Hi Shahzad, did you ask for a code sent to your mobile phone number? Maybe you didn't enter the phone number correctly. Im also having this issue, I got access to my email and phone once fb send the code to my email I got it but once im logging into FB it still ask for Two way Authentication. My account was hacked. I had to cream a new account, used s different email address and within 24 hrs got s messages that they needed me to send a picture to verify it was really me. What can I do? Did you send them picture ID , like a scan of your driver's license or passport? That's usually what they need to verify your identity.

1. Are You Still Logged In Somewhere?

And it will only work if your real name and the name you used on Facebook are identical. That's one reason Facebook insists on real names! I cannot access my facebook account Lynette Jacobson Lyn which has my profile photo The other account for Lynette Jacobson has no photo Both are connected with the same email address. What do you mean you cannot access it?

Did you forget the password or did Facebook lock one of your accounts? Have you tried to recover one of the accounts? Have you actually looked at the page I am referring to and the HOME page which has no profile picture is not the one I use Tey are connected by the same email address and birth date. I can't log in my account I have 3 profiles with the same name and I lost the one that I had for 5 yrs. Same phone. My friends sent me the code and nothing work. So from my other page I see my other page because I have it as a friend. So what can I do? Email Facebook, explain the situation, include ID verification driver's license or passport copy.

My boyfriend hacked my account because I had give him all information? Essentially, you can't, unless you can get Facebook to accept proof-of-ID. Email them with a copy of your passport or driver's license and explain what happened. If the name on your account is not the same as on your ID document, you won't have a chance to recover.

In that case, set up a new account and call it a day. I already change the password but unfortunately I turned on the two factor aunthentacation and now I have no longer an access to my phone number which I use in my fb account.. Did you set up Code Generator anywhere other than your phone? Or did you download codes and save them somewhere? Meri id self pic me gye thi apni pic dala bt aaj 14 days ho gye na hi open ho rahi h or na hi disablee samjh nhi aaraha hki kya kroo plss help mee yr. I can't seem to concentrate to follow instructions. I try to do as you say, but I do not get a code I can read.

I have been without facebook for some time now. Sandra, lots of people have trouble recovering their accounts. I can't really explain more than what I wrote above. If no one else can help you, I'd recommend creating a new account and explaining it to your family. Just send them new friendship invites and you can start from scratch. I have been trying to upload the registered trademark but the system won't even upload it. At this point I actually believe that it is the upload function that is not working. I tried the above mentioned email address but still nothing.

Has anybody contact details for business accounts? Fernanda, is the document you're trying to upload in the right file format? Facebook might only accept PDFs. And is it small enough? They may also limit the file size limit. Hope you'll get this sorted out. And please let us know in case you're successful. However, something should be done to improve Situation! My account suddenly was disabled, after contacting with the support team they asking me to confirm my identity, then I confirms my identity,after that the support team sent a msg.

We're sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any problems getting back into your account, please let us know. I can log in, and it instantly asks me to verify my phone number. The two choices it offers I no longer have access to. Changed my pw 10 times so far. Help center says to log in on a different trusted device and update the phone number, but I have no other trusted devices. Try to email Facebook. See email address in the article and mentioned in many comments below.

Oh man, so frustrating! Fingers crossed you'll eventually get a human response. Good luck. And thank you for the feedback, Cory! Oh, one more thing Something that has helped people in the past was attaching proof of their identity to their plea for recovering their account. If all else fails, I'd try that. Update Tried sending id like November, gave up, made a new account. On a whim about Christmas tried to log in old account. It was suspended now, for being a duplicate.

I appealed or whatever and the asked for id. I just so happened to have it ready.


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So you could recover your old account after it was marked for being a duplicate because you set up a new account? That's strange. How did you submit the ID the second time around? Same as the first time or through an online form? But I just sent that same pic I took first. Took about 24hrs and everything was just as I left. So yeah. Duplicate the account. Use same pics. Same info. They suspended the old one.

If you have a friend with access to fb, ask them to allow you to try via their device. They'll be able to access your account if you save them on it! NOT worth the risk, we fall out with people regularly and some can be really spiteful! But a conclusion. I got a bunch of different accepted id, covered up the important stuff and took a high res pic.

Sent it to the email, couple times, no joy. Tried a couple other addresses that were supposedly legit, nada. Still no luck. Resign myself and finally create a new profile. For some reason, last week I just had a random thought, and tried to log back into the old account. I just happened to have some perfect pictures already ready! Not quite sure if this helps, but you tried to help me, so the least I can do is share the ending: Glad to hear you had some luck with recovering your account, Cory.

This proves that patience and luck are required in the process. I know my old password and tried the way that recommended by you but Facebook didn't ask for new email address when i click the link No longer have access to these? Tina, Point no 3 was outdated. Hm, I still see the option and allows me to input a new email address. In the next step, however, it forces me to use my Trusted Contacts.

Thus, I can't confirm whether or not they'll actually use the alternative email address. It is the same thing as my brother-in-law. I'm trying to fix his account and clicked on that "No access to these? They're also not asking about his trusted contacts. Help please! That account is really important.

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After you've logged in, you can change the email on your account. That's what it says there after I clicked that link. They're asking me to log in his account yet they know that I can't access it that's why I'm there in the first place. My fb account has been hacked. I need help to log in. I changed my. I just wanted to follow up to let you know I followed your advice about emailing Facebook directly. They recovered my business fan page account in less than 24 hours! Thanks so much. Your tip ended my frustration and spinning my wheels trying to find a solution.

Rock on! Thank you so much for the update, Rachelle! And glad it all had a happy ending for you. Which email address did you use? The one recommended here or a different one? Any other advice for getting Facebook's attention? Again, your feedback is MUCH appreciated! I recommend that others use the email you mentioned.

They emailed me a link to recover my account. I immediately updated my phone number, because my number changed. I have 2-step authentication. Hi Rachelle. I am having the same problem with my business page. Would please share the email you used to contact them please. Thank you. Same thing happened to me. Facebook Messenger is a separate App.

Request a code going thru the Messenger app to reset. Readers have reported in several comments below that security facebookmail. Last week, it looked like someone else was logged in to my account from other devices so I changed my password. Then this past weekend it looked like someone else was logged in to my account again and it said my new password was an old one even though I had just created it last week.

I logged out and tried to crest a new password but I kept getting messages that I had tried too many codes and to try again later even though I hadn't used a code in five days. This went on for a few days and nothing that I tried worked. Then last night II tried logging in from Google Chrome instead of Safari which is what I normally use and I was able to change my password and finally log in. Facebook is not helpful at all if you have anything beyond basic problems.

They really need to change this. My Facebook was hacked from Iran on Sept 1st. Every time I tried to access my account with new login the hacker changed it. I waited one month to try again. Set up new account and felt pretty safe then Facebook made me choose a file and download a picture of me so they could prove my identity. They logged me out and won't let me back until they prove it's me.

How to Recover Your Gmail, Facebook or Yahoo Account

Has this happened to anyone else and how long does it take? I know my e-mail adress and my passwort. But facebook logged me out and want me to fill in the code that they send me in a SMS. But the phone number doesn't exist anymore. So I can't check the code. Further more I have no chance to change the number Anyone an idea what I can do now?

I forgot my password and i've been trying to log into my fb account, I receive the 6 digit code, I continually get "you've tried this code too many times, try again later" - any advice on what I can try next? I had this same thing happening. When I switched search engines I was finally able to get a new password and log into my account. It's been such a headache! This is happening to me, too. I had noticed my account being logged into other places that i know aren't me so I logged out and changed my password and it worked last week. But then I noticed they were logged in again so I tried to change my password again yesterday and now I can't log back into my account and I get that message that I've tried too many codes and try again later.

I don't know what to do and nothing I've read in Help Center on Facebook is actually helping. Oh, and the new password I had created a week ago they tell me is an old password when I enter it. So I think someone else is changing my password and has access to my Facebook account.

Did u get it solved? Brand new FaceBook Fun! I friended too many people in one session, got locked out, and needed to verify my account with the 6 digit number sent to my cell. About 20 times. Every single time I input the 6-digit code, it just generated the same box when I hit "Submit".

I'm not logged in to the account anywhere else. I think I reset the password 7 times, each time with the Security Check box looking over my shoulder and screwing up each time I put the brand-new, smoking hot from the phone security code into it. No way to get around it, I sent them a copy of my Hawaii State DL, waited 24 hours, and the same thing happened.

When a big company's web forms screw up, there's no recourse! And there's no people there; it's a company, not a person. Makes you think about what you want to be when you grow up. It's true, Facebook support sucks. Too many people manage to lock themselves out for Facebook to provide personal support, but it also seems like some of the automated recovery tools don't work reliably. I'm sorry you have to go through this! Wish I could help. Tim I am in a similar situation with the security check box vicious circle.

I'm not sure how I even got locked out to begin with. Have you had any luck? Hi, not sure if you have come across my problem yet, but I am really hoping that you can help me solve this as its rather long winded!! I did not use the new account as none of my photos were on there that I have collected over 8 years, and it meant that I had to send out many many FB friend request out again to people I was already friends with. I have managed to get the 2nd FB account that I don't use, but it is not the one I want!! I want my old account back, and I cannot get it!!

I am not even sure that its the correct password either. If you didn't update your personal details, like email address and phone number, and didn't add backup email addresses or trusted friends, then I'm afraid you won't be able to recover your account with any of the methods above. Your only hope is to reach out to Facebook and let them verify your identity.

Please scroll through the comments below for more information. Hi there. Wondering if you could help. I tried to log in on my daughter's tablet two days ago but kept on saying password incorrect, I tried severaly but still the same and I reset my password and I was asked to enter my email and contact number on my facebook but unfortunately I don't use the e-mail and number anymore. I was instruct to put alternative e-mail, which I did and i was sent 6 digit code and I was told my facebook has been retrieved but unfortunately it not my old account and I can see my old facebook as the only friend in it and I later realised facebook has already sent me an Email on the 27th of August that am I the one trying to get into my facebook but since then I can't get into my old facebook on any other devices except on my phone because I haven't log out on it and am sure if I log out on my phone I won't have access to it again.

Please any help I have lots of pictures save on my Facebook saves as only me and I won't want to loss my friends too. I'm trying to get into an old account but we can't even find it when we search Facebook. It's like it doesn't exist anymore but I've read that Facebook doesn't delete accounts so I don't know why I can't even find it to re activate it. First of all, you can deactivate and delete your Facebook account! If you never did that, Facebook probably locked the account and sent information to the email address on file.

When they do that, they also hide the account from search etc. To recover it, you have to try and log in with the account login details. If successful, you'll see your options. If you don't remember the login details and Facebook can't find the account's email address, then it's possible that the account got hacked and the hacker changed all these details.

This would spell the account unrecoverable, at least through the options listed above. So I've read through multiple posts over the past 48 hours. Similar issues. I was in facebook yesterday and it kicked me off out of nowhere. When I tried to sign back in, it asks to authenticate my identity. Every code that is sent to me once, I type it in and hit submit or continue, nothing happens. I ask it to be emailed to me and it then it resets my password and then asks for another code that never gets sent to me.

When I look through my husband's account, it appears I no longer exist. It has untagged me in every post he has tagged me in and deleted all the ones that I have tagged him in and is not able to even pull up my profile. I am connected to so many groups and pages because I run my business all based off my main profile. I manage several pages as well that appear to have been deleted. I've tried to submit an appeal for a deactivated account, but it gives me an error saying my email is not linked to a deactivated account.

Starting over is not an option because of everything I am connected with through my business. Please help me. Someone shared on a forum that they sent an appeal to one of Facebook's email addresses one is in the article above and attached ID verification. Facebook apparently responded to that. Hello there my problem is about the two factor authentication i activate it a month ago without realizing the mobile i used to link in my account was already expired i made a factory reset on my fone and when i log in again i cannot access my account they need a code generator , my question is how can i get a code generator without my mobile and without logging in thru my fb account??

iOS Swift: How to integrate the Facebook Login SDK and getting user's email address

It could be an issue with your browser. Could you send us a screenshot of how the text is displayed to iri heimdalsecurity. Thank you! I also had a problem to recover my FB account but now after reading your article, I recover my account with the help of alternative email address. Great Advice. Hello and many thanks for your feedback!

I am happy this article helped you easily recover your account. Thanks for reading our blog! You are Great. Good Writing. Helpful Article. I hope i will get back my account soon. Hey this is really helpful blog, and may help many peoples, very nicely elaborated, keep it up, good work. Hello, William and thank you so much for your kind words! Happy to know our blog is useful and can offer valuable information so users learn about online safety and how to keep their digital assets secure.

Many thanks for your feedback, Doli! Happy to know the article was useful. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing article with us. I really appreciate your efforts to educate people. Hello and thank you for your kind words. Glad to know you find useful information in this article. Hello and thank you so much for your kind words! Throughout this blog, we try to educate users about the importance of online security and how to keep their digital assets safe.

And we try to provide online guides and educational resources using plain terms for everyone.

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Here are our free educational resources, if interested: This post was extremely fascinating, particularly because I was browsing for thoughts on this subject last Friday. Hello and thank you for your kind words! Happy to know this article was helpful. If you want to gain more knowledge in cyber security, we recommend checking out our online educational resources: Hi my friend!

I want to say tha this post is awesome, great written annd come withh approximately all significant infos. Plz recover my account one person hacked my account and change the Email or pass And now account is locked permanently and show not account created this Email or phone num or name plzz recover my account My account name is Inoxent Usman.

Thank you for being my own mentor on thhis theme. I actually enjoyed your current article greatly and most oof all liked how you really handled thhe aras I regarded as being controversial. You happen to be always quite kind towards readers much like me and aid me in my life. Thank you. Awesome post. I have recovered my lost Yahoo login. Thanks for this valuable information.

Keep up with the good work. This is really awesome post it helped me a lot thanks for sharing this post. Your email address will not be published. Home Categories All things Heimdal Data protection Financial security Weekly Security Roundup Security alerts How to Resources A blog focused on cyber security education A blog on how to secure your digital life A blog that makes cyber security simple Europe's most educational cyber security blog A blog written by cyber security specialists A blog focused on cyber security education.

So you just got hacked and lost access to your email or social media account. What now? Here are just some of the elements that will a company determine if you are really you, and not someone else: Have you logged into the account in the past from the same device? If you use the same PC for login and also to recover the account, the email provider has greater confidence that you are you.

Do you have two factor authentication activated? Do you have a backup email set up for the account? Have you remembered a past password? Did you answer any security questions? By now, you should receive a push notification your device that asks if you are actually you. Step 5 Google will then send a verification code to the address of your choice. Step 6 You will then have to input the verification code from your email into the browser dialog box: Is at least 10 characters long.

Contains at least one upper and lower case letter. Has at least one number. Uses one special character. To this screen, that asks when you first created your account: Step 4 Next, Google will ask for an email address where they can send a verification code. Step 5 After you entered an email address, you will be asked to enter the code you received.

Check your email for the code you just got, and fill it in. If they approve your request, you will receive the following email, requesting you change your password: Step 8 Follow the link and change your password: We very strongly recommend you fill in both of these: By now, this should be it, and your account should be back into your hands and safe and secure! How to recover your Yahoo email account Step 1 To recover your Yahoo!

Recovering your Yahoo! Mail account when you backed it up with a phone number Step 2 If you connected your account to a phone number, Yahoo! Check your email for the account key you received from Yahoo! Step 3 Once you enter the key, you should be logged into your Yahoo! How to recover your Outlook email account Step 1 First, try to log into your Outlook account. Step 2 Out of the three options selected, choose which one fits your suspicions. Choose the one appropriate to your situation. Step 5 Entering the code will take you to a new form which asks you to set up a new password and then confirm it.

Step 6 You will then be taken to a screen that asks you provide a new password for your account. Step 7 Once you change your password, your recovery should be complete and the account is back in your control. Step 6 You will next be taken to a page that asks for an email Microsoft can use to communicate with you. Step 7 Microsoft will send you a security code on the email address you just typed in. Step 8 Enter that code in the dialog box, and press enter. Step 9 You will now be sent to a page with several forms which you need to fill in before completing the process.

Also try to remember any previous passwords you might have used to secure your account. The easy way to protect yourself against malware. Use it to: Try Thor Foresight. Read More. Quicken for Mac on February 19, at Ioana Rijnetu on February 11, at 9: Digital Halt on February 1, at 4: Lottie on January 21, at Cleveland Meland on January 19, at 9: Benjamin Robert on January 15, at 1: Netflix TV Help on January 11, at Facebook Customer Service Number on December 24, at 8: QuickBooks Enterprise Support on December 20, at 7: Ioana Rijnetu on December 20, at Kate Middleton on December 20, at 6: Grace Powell on December 2, at 8: Ioana Rijnetu on December 3, at 9: Spectrum Pay Bill on December 2, at Grey on November 21, at 3: Jenna Coleman on October 31, at AOL email helpline number on October 25, at Ioana Rijnetu on October 30, at Gmail Support Number on October 24, at 2: Billie on October 19, at 4: QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic on October 16, at 4: Lois Bombard on October 9, at 8: Even just importing someone's profile picture imported from Facebook gives them a stronger sense of connection with your app.

Social Many highly retentive apps let people connect with their friends in order to enable shared in-app experiences. Facebook Login lets you know which of your app's users are also friends on Facebook so you can build value by connecting people together. Success Stories Developers who have implemented Facebook Login in their apps have seen dramatic increases in the number of people logging into their apps, higher levels of engagement, and continuing increases in the number of people using Facebook Login.

Features Real Identity When people choose to log in with Facebook, they can share their real identity through their public profile. Public Profile includes a person's real name and a profile picture. Apps based on real identity often have less spam and foster higher quality conversations. Cross Platform Login Facebook Login is available on the most common mobile and desktop app platforms. Give people the option to log in with Facebook alongside email, SMS or other social login choices.

Where an email address you get from Facebook Login matches one already in your system, you can log that person into their existing account without additional passwords. Granular Permissions Facebook Login supports many permissions which determine which information people choose to share with your app. With Facebook Login, people can choose which information they share with your app. They can still get the benefits of logging in with Facebook even if they feel uncomfortable granting access to certain information. Your app can later re-request this information once you've explained how the person's experience will be enhanced.

Gradual Authorization Facebook Login supports the gradual authorization—you don't have to request all the information you want up front—you can do it over time. This means people can quickly and easily create accounts in your app—and as their experience with your app deepens, you can request addition information to further enhance their experience. If people don't have the Facebook Android app installed, Facebook Login uses Facebook Lite instead to display the login screen and get credentials. Previous SDKs required that people have the Facebook app installed.

App Review We want to ensure the tens of millions of people who use Facebook Login every day have a safe, reliable and consistent experience. Apps may ask for the following two permissions from any person without submitting for review by Facebook: Learn more about App Review. Data Deletion Facebook gives people control of their data by providing a way for people to request your app to delete the data it has from Facebook about them.

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