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You may also top-up your balance through supermarkets and minimarkets. Telkomsel has one of the most complicated price structures for data in the world. Therefore only a part of their complex pricing can be shown here. Three different product lines of SIM cards for prepaid are sold:. Now things get really complicated as Telkomsel data rates differ between regions and various places where you buy it. Generally you have two choices of loading data to your SIM: Pulsa or Flash , the latter is now also called Packet Internet.

Flash recently renamed in 'Packet Internet' are usual internet packages that are taken from your pre-loaded account balance in IDR. Again, these packages differ according to region. For their regional pricing Telkomsel divides the country into 12 different zones. Sumatra, Java and Bali are the cheapest. The further outlying the islands are, the higher the rate will be.

The Maluku Islands and West Papua are the most expensive. Here are the available packages and price ranges depending on the region where the packages are bought, but given out for nationwide use:. Prices for Kartu As cards are very similar, but packages can differ and max. If you choose option 1 " opsi 1 " your bundle will be once-off, option 2 " opsi 2" , your bundle will be recurrent.

For the exact prices in your region refer to this site which can be quite buggy. Pulsa is data credit that can be topped up directly in an outlet of the provider. So every rupiah converts directly into a certain amount of MBs. Here only the most usual form of Pulsa is shown that are sold in mini- and supermarkets: It sounds confusing and it is. All Pulsa doesn't auto-renew. It must be loaded again. It can be added to all three product lines Kartu As, Simpati and Loop for the same rate.

The night bonus is only valid midnight to 7am. Videomax VM is Telkomsel's own video streaming platform. The advantage of Flash now called Packet Internet vs. Packages are valid nationwide, but their price varies according to region where they are bought. Comparing prices you will find out that Pulsa is now more expensive than Flash. IM3 Ooredoo, a. It's focusing on triple play and mostly owned by Ooredoo, which rebranded it in Indosat coverage map at low prices. In it auctioned further spectrum on MHz B1. Their prepaid product line is now called Freedom. Former Mentari or IM product lines have been faded out.

Their Freedom SIM cards are available at many stores and outlets where you see their logo. It's best to buy them in their branded stores for registration store locator. All packages come with roll-over. All social media apps see above are included without quota in the Combo packs. It has a limited coverage only in some main islands.

Mobile Network Information

If you want to travel through the archipelago or to remote places, look elsewhere. Up to now 3 has been focusing its efforts on its 3G network rollout, deploying access to the 2, sub-districts, municipalities in 25 provinces in Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Java, Bali and Lombok. Their different prepaid SIM cards are available in a some stores locator where they have coverage for around 5, IDR.

It comes with the same credit. Top-ups called Pulsa can be bought from to , IDR as vouchers or e-top-ups. Be aware that a few SIMs offer specific benefits to the region it is sold in. This is Tri's latest prepaid combo product. Default rate without package is 1. When requesting one of these packages, refer to them by product type and total amount of data. For example, the last one in the list would be referred to as the "Mix Combo 38 GB".

Daily packages end at midnight local time. Make sure data roaming is off before doing so, and make sure to select the correct network manually; usage on a network other than the designated partner or before receiving SMS confirmation of your data roaming package costs IDR per KB. XL Axiata is the 4th provider in Indonesia. It is owned by Axiata Ltd. Java, Bali and Lombok. Furthermore, it covers cities on Sumatra, Kalimatan, Sulawesi and a very limited coverage on Papua. Where it has 3G, speeds are often faster then Telkomsel. Their SIM cards are available at many stores and outlets where you see their logo.

They offer two starter packs, which are often sold with a small merchant's surcharge called Super Ngobrol Baru for 5, IDR: Since 19 December merged with Tele2 [ citation needed ]. Iridium Communications. Unapproved use in Crimea only []. Tele2 code 20 is used since acquiring [6].

Tinkoff Mobile. Licence revoked in April [] []. Licence revoked in April []. Live since 1 April []. Former Telecom Samoa Cellular Ltd. Former Samoatel Ltd. San Marino Telecom. Active September [6] [] []. Uses Al Jawal network [].

Uses VIP [37]. License and MNC withdrawn []. Former Zain, Celtel, Bharti Airtel [11] [7]. Former Millicom, Tigo [22]. Digital Trunked Radio Network [] []. Former Globtel [6] []. Former Si. Former Solomon Telekom Co Ltd []. Uncertain MNC number, maybe also 25 [7]. Formerly Telkom Mobile, 8ta []. South African Police Service Gauteng. Hymax Talking Solutions Pty Ltd. South African Police Service. Airports Company South Africa. Used by resellers e. Tuenti - Movistar's own low cost virtual operator in roaming, TeleCable. Lowi - Vodafone's own low cost virtual operator, Lebara, Hits [6] [].

Former Orange Orange Espagne S. U [22] [] []. MNC withdrawn; acquired by Vodafone [5]. Acquired by Orange in [35]. LTE band 38 []. MNC 05 in roaming. Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias. Former MTN [6]. Hutch has acquired Etisalat []. Privet Network. LTE bands 28, 3 [6] [11]. Former Uniqa Intelsur N. Swazi Mobile Limited. Netett Sverige AB.

Owned by Hi3G Access 3 and Telenor. Not available in major cities since the owners operate their own city networks. Owned by Telia and Tele2. Available all over Sweden.

Data Package

MOCN r6 network []. Only used on femto- and nanocells []. MVNO in Telia 's network. LTE only available in major cities, it was deployed mostly to boost sales of the iPhone 5; owned by Telenor and Tele2. Former Digitel Mobile Srl [] []. Former Beepsend AB []. Former Mobimax AB [] []. Trafikverket centralfunktion IT.

Formerly Tigo, Pro Net; [] []. Former iCentrex Sweden AB [] [] [95]. Former Limitless Mobile AB [] []. Test network; Temporary license until 31 December [70]. GSM shutdown planned for [6]. Sunrise Communications AG. Former Togewanet AG []. MNC withdrawn, bankrupt in []. Former BebbiCell AG []. SMS relay only [] []. MNC withdrawn [95] [34]. Beeone Communications SA. Former network sharing test with Salt Mobile []. Shut down in [] []. Vmax Telecom. Ambit Microsystems. Subsidiary of Foxconn ; LTE band 28 [] []. First International Telecom.

Bankruptcy in [] []. License expired in [] [] []. Acquired by Taiwan Mobile in , MobiTai brand used until Acquired by Taiwan Mobile in , TransAsia brand used until MNC withdrawn [37] []. Former Mobitel and Buzz [37]. Former Celtel Zain [37]. MNC withdrawn [37] [] []. Smile Telecoms Holdings Ltd. Advanced Wireless Network Company Ltd. UMTS roaming with network [] [] []. LTE band 26 []. GSM to shut down in [] []. Owned by AIS ; network shut down in January [] []. LTE band 40 []. Network shut down in January [] [].

Shut down [22]. Formerly known as Telsim [6]. Former Aria, merged with Aycell to form Avea [6]. Former IslandCom []. Former IslandCom [22] []. Former Zain, Celtel [47] [7] [11] [84]. Tangerine Uganda Limited. LTE band 7 [47] [6] [7] [11]. Former Warid Telecom [47] [7]. MNC withdrawn [22] [47]. Former life: Taken over by Intertelecom ; MNC withdrawn []. Previously Mapesbury Communications Ltd. Guernsey, Jersey [6].

National roaming with Orange UK 's 2G network. MNC withdrawn [22] []. Former Routo Telecommunications Limited []. Holds unused spectrum in Jersey []. Guernsey, Jersey; former Wave Telecom [6]. Limitless Mobile Ltd. The Carphone Warehouse Limited. Uses Three UK []. Sky UK Limited. Isle of Man [6]. M2M applications []. Airwave Solutions Ltd. Telet Research N.

Vodafone United Kingdom. Former MCI Inc. Former MobileTel, [] Alltel [] []. For testing [40]. Former Cricket Wireless ; shut down in September [] [40]. Puerto Rico; [] MNC withdrawn [40]. Union Wireless. Former Centennial Wireless [] [40]. Guam [] [11]. Former Nevada Wireless []. Matanuska Telephone Association, Inc. Formerly Concho Cellular Telephone Co. North Dakota []. Former Highland Cellular, [] Cingular [] [10]. Northern Mariana Islands [] [6] [11]. Carolina West Wireless. North Carolina []. Dutch Harbor, Alaska [] [11].

Iowa []. Utah []. Hawaii []. Also used for Ting. Formerly Powertel []. Former Centennial Puerto Rico [] [40]. Shut down 22 September [] []. Montana; former Get Mobile Inc. Formerly Aerial Communications []. Smith Bagley, Inc. Wireless Partners, LLC. Limitless Mobile, LLC.

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Former Mohave Cellular L. Pioneer Cellular. Oklahoma []. Guam, Northern Mariana Islands; former Guamcell [] [10]. Cellular One of East Texas. Former Yorkville Telephone Cooperative [] []. Guam [] [6]. Virgin Islands [] [40]. Shut down 28 February ; [] [] MNC withdrawn [40]. Former Alaska Digitel [] [10]. Formerly North East Cellular Inc. Former nTelos ; note that may also be in use by Docomo Pacific [] [] [40]. Georgia []. Transaction Network Services. Formerly Verisign [] []. Formerly West Virginia Wireless bought by Verizon in [] []. Oklahoma [] [11] []. Former Wireless Solutions International [] [40].

Montana network former Chinook Wireless shut down in [] [6]. Inland Cellular Telephone Company. Former PCS One [] []. Wisconsin []. Formerly Coleman County Telecom [] []. Shut down 30 November []. Jasper Technologies. M2M only []. Former Northstar [] []. Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative. Alaska; [] GSM shut down January [].

Formerly Sea Mobile [] [].

All country mobile code.

Appalachian Wireless. Iowa [] [11]. PinPoint Communications Inc. Nebraska []. Formerly SOL Communications []. Former South Canaan Cellular [] [40]. Telecom North America Mobile, Inc. Aeris Communications, Inc. Owned by West Central Wireless []. Advantage Cellular Systems, Inc. Mid-Rivers Wireless. Montana [].

South Dakota; [10] includes NVC. Copper Valley Wireless. Alaska []. Formerly Poka Lambro Telecommunications Ltd. Evolve Broadband. LTE band 17 [] [6]. Texas []. Missouri [] []. Missouri [] [11] []. Pennsylvania [] [11]. Choice Wireless. Commnet Wireless. Thumb Cellular LP. Michigan []. Space Data Corporation.

Former Farmers Cellular Telephone Inc. Pine Telephone Company. Nex-Tech Wireless. Kansas; former High Plains Wireless L. Former High Plains Wireless L. Bravado Wireless. Wilkes Cellular. Georgia [] [11]. Broadpoint Inc. Gulf of Mexico; former PetroCom [] [40]. Former Pacific Telesis, Cingular Wireless [] [40]. Former Cellular Properties Inc. Alaska [] [11]. Guam []. Former Alltel [] []. Leaco Rural Telephone Company Inc. New Mexico; [] shut down June [].

Wisconsin [] [11]. Illinois Valley Cellular. Illinois [] [11]. Former Torrestar Networks Inc. General Communication Inc. Former Alaska Communications []. New Dimension Wireless Ltd. Missouri [] [6]. Bluegrass Cellular LLC. Kentucky []. Also known as Panhandle Telephone Cooperative, Inc. Former Fisher Wireless Services Inc. C Block [].

Mobile Country Code (MCC) and Mobile Network Code (MNC)

C Block for future use []. Former Crossroads Wireless Inc. Former Wireless Communications Venture [] [10] [11]. Former Keystone Wireless Inc. Commnet Midwest LLC. Former Cox Wireless , [] shut down in ; in bankruptcy since November [] []. North Dakota; [] shut down in []. Former Corr Wireless Communications [] [40].

Standing Rock Telecommunications. Kansas [] [6]. Pine Belt Cellular Inc. Alabama []. Bankrupt in []. Telalaska Cellular. Former NetAmerica Alliance [] [40]. MNC withdrawn [] [40]. Altiostar Networks, Inc. Former Geneseo Communications Services Inc. MNC withdrawn [] [10]. Coleman County Telephone Cooperative, Inc. Former Kineto Wireless Inc. Michigan [] [6]. Wisconsin [] [6]. Uintah Basin Electronic Telecommunications.

Utah [] [6]. Globecomm Network Services Corporation. Tennessee [] [6].

GSM networks list from Gammu

Syringa Wireless. Former Clearwire [10] [40]. Former Sunman Telecommunications Corp. Missouri [10] []. Infrastructure Networks, LLC. Idaho [10] [6]. Fuego Wireless. Vermont [10]. C block fixed broadband; Illinois [10] []. LTE planned [10]. Former Allied Wireless [10] [40]. ClearSky Technologies, Inc. MNC withdrawn [10] [40]. Shut down , acquired by Sprint; [10] MNC withdrawn []. Missouri [10] [6]. Iowa [10] [6]. Limitless Mobile LLC.

Shut down ; [10] [] MNC withdrawn [40]. Aspenta International, Inc. Chariton Valley. Former Clearwire [] []. Oklahoma [6] []. Alaska [6] []. Triangle Communication System Inc. Wes-Tex Telecommunications, Ltd.

XL (Indonesia) Mobile Network Information

South Carolina; owned by Farmers Telephone Cooperative []. Montana [6] []. Eltopia Communications, LLC. Kansas []. Silver Star Communications. Wyoming []. North Carolina [6] []. Nevada; CDMA shut down []. Great Plains Communications, Inc. Former Shuttle Wireless Solutions Inc. Former Fogg Mobile, Inc. Maine []. Locus Telecommunications. Redzone Wireless. LTE band 41; Maine [6] []. Gila Electronics. Cirrus Core Networks. Bristol Bay Telephone Cooperative. Santel Communications Cooperative, Inc. South Dakota []. California [].

Texas [6] []. Albemarle County Public Schools. Arizona, California [6] []. Oregon []. Idaho []. Mark Twain Communications Company. Tennessee Wireless. Former Sprocket Wireless []. Eagle Telephone System Inc. Colorado []. Breakaway Wireless. Utah; [] shut down []. Country Wireless. Ohio []. Vivint Wireless, Inc. D Block [10]. D Block for future use []. Mercury Network Corporation. Velocity Communications Inc.

King Street Wireless, LP. Fixed wireless; mobile service through U. Cellular []. Fixed wireless; Louisiana []. Maryland []. Paladin Wireless. Fixed wireless; Georgia []. Fixed wireless []. Texoma Communications, LLC. Digitel GSM. CDMA shut down March [6] []. License revoked; [] MNC withdawn [70].

mobile network code xl indonesia Mobile network code xl indonesia
mobile network code xl indonesia Mobile network code xl indonesia
mobile network code xl indonesia Mobile network code xl indonesia
mobile network code xl indonesia Mobile network code xl indonesia
mobile network code xl indonesia Mobile network code xl indonesia
mobile network code xl indonesia Mobile network code xl indonesia
mobile network code xl indonesia Mobile network code xl indonesia
mobile network code xl indonesia Mobile network code xl indonesia

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