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TOP ad. London used samsung galaxy note5 with 32gb memory card and 4gb ram it also has 7. Used, Screen Size: Other Ads. White colour with screen protector. Very clean and in good shape. London used very clean Samsung S8, less than a month old. No issue. Screen size: Front Camera: New, Screen Size: Clean, direct, black, silk and sick, charger and carton, come with your engineer, lol.

More pictures available on request. First class london used iphone 8 plus with original camera, very neat and sweet to operate. London used htc A9 working perfectly and in good condition. London used htc butterfly working perfectly and in good condition. Original samsung galaxy S6 for sale at a cheaper rate. Call us on any kind of Samsung,H.

London used iPhone 6s 16gb very clean and affordable price. Clean London Used iPhone 8 64gb. It's a London used phone. I bought it in London. It's very neat almost new. It's in a pack. Clean u. Just like new. Call us on any kind of u. Neat london used phone 4gig ram, 64gig ROM, android 6. London used Samsung Galaxy for sale. Just one fault, it turns ON but has a blind screen.

Huawei Honor U19 2SIM UK Used

Very clean iphone 7 black 32g london used working perfectly okay finger prints working well buy and use Boosted ad. London used iPhone 7plus tested okay,SIM card free. Refurbished, Screen Size: London used iPhone 7 is in good condition, tested okay. We understood that they are trying to work on this expect but currently their best is still not making any sense. Konga only deal on new phones.

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Aside that, konga prices is some worth giving a try, it more better than other online shopping mail in Nigeria. Jumia also accept pay on delivery package which allow you to pay for the phone when only you receive it. Jumia items are quite expensive but good thing about them is that they have a lot of items such as phones than others online shops. This means you will see lots of phone to select from. Jumia also have the problem of late delivery, we will admit that Jumia start the whole mess but unfortunately jumia is really working hard to cut down duration of their delivery, while still expecting good result on these, we would advice to always use the method of pay on delivery in other not to have problem with them.

OLX is one of the boss classified website in Nigeria, where a lot of cheap items are rocking day and night. OLX is not online shop but a classified website where both individuals and businesses sell their products online free of charge. The deal is between you and the person who owns the phone. To cut long story short, olx is free to use.

This is to say both the seller and buyer have nothing to pay for. All you need to do is search for a phone that suit your need using the phone or tablet category and then contact the seller. You and the seller will make an arrangement to meet so you can access the phone and then buy it. In these whole process OLX website has no hand in your transaction with the seller so you have to play smart and wise, make sure you see the phone you are buying before paying for it.

In olx you will be able to find New Phones , London used and Nigeria used phones. You are most likely to find Nig eria used phones , it your choice to keep searching for neat phone that suit you. The different is that jiji has no good method of seller verification as it stand, which olx posses. In here, the king word is that the best place to buy cheap phones in Nigeria is Lagos. How about if you are not in Lagos, wow sad but not bad, informationhood have a solution to that. Earlier on we promise those who are not in Lagos how they will also benefit on these article, if you are not in Lagos you would want to give up some times buying cheap phones but there is still hope for you.

In other to buy item from Lagos you will need a waybill service, but how do you pay for the item and who will do the way-billing service for you?

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Uk Used Phones: Price-List Of All Samsung Phones

Well there are services which can help you have all this process done safe. The process of paying for the item is as easy as that of who do the way-billing process, so this cut down the whole worries. But if not, e. They will then drive straight to waybill center and send you the item. Pickup agency will help you with all complete process of getting your items to your state. Also Read about the Benefit of buying a Uk used Phone. Must Buy: Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S4. Payment on delivery within Lagos. Payment before delivery outside Lagos. Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7. Samsung Galaxy Note Currently the brand new samsung galaxy grand 2 is sold at N46,, also the brand new of Samsung Galaxy mega is also sold at N49, The present uk used price of the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is sold at N26,, just budget N27, depends on the seller and area of purchase. Thank You Ada!! Well am a Samsung lover and i always recommend getting a new phone if you have the money to buy.

The Samsung Mega has more features and functions compared to the Samsung Grand 2. I advise you get the Samsung Mega since its within your price range. Pls hw much is d price for a uk or london used samsung galaxy j5 nd j7 now i intend obtaining one out of d two 2mao…. Prices of phones are more expensive currently, due to the high rise of the dollar, the major difference between the s6 and s6 edge is the Ram, battery capacity and screen sizes.

May I take you back to Mr. I am interested in knowing. Presently a 16gb Uk used Samsung galaxy S4 is N44, Also a 16gb Uk used Samsung galaxy S5 is sold at N69, So a 32gb would higher in prices. Add me up on BBM so i can share you various dealer companies to acquire uk used device, And NO all Uk used phones do no come with any accessories, you only get just the device, other accessories are sold differently. Am glad when people ask such intelligent questions!!

Am going to highlight some certain rare features you need to take close note of to know if the device is refurbish or a Uk used. Pay close attention to the back of the device, remove the battery of the phone and look at the panel, if you see some slight change in the written print on the device, or the stickers are not properly placed, some sort of marks that looks like someone has opened the panel and work on it, there are other factors to be considered though!!

A uk used phone should be clean and neat always take note!! You have been doing a very great and wonderful job. But pls try and help add the used HTC phone price. Cos I tried it sometime and it worked and stopped the next day after I had subscribed N1, worth for a month. Pls what could the problem be? And how do we get this solved. Please do reply as soon as you can; thank you. Thanks sir, Really Appreciate.

The Mtn bis is not unlimited, please take note, Also Mtn bis is still blazing currently with third party applications like simpler server and the rest connected via modem. One possible reason why it stopped browsing could be you have exhausted the data allocated to the N1, data plan you subscribed for. The Samsung Grand prime is among the latest samsung phones in the market with awesome functions and features. Its a great device to have!! I really appreciate your write-ups. Its quite informative and enlightening. Ur blog has been so helpful not jus in choosing the right device but also in making budget as u took time to list these products according to their prices.

Who knows, you can even use it to promote businesses globally. Well, i did a post on how to identify fake androids phones Here. Currently Uk used S3 is 28k. New S3 should be 40 something or so. I seriously need that Samsung note I find ur informations about uk used phones quite helpful but please how much is galaxy s4, uk used, now? Pls, how much is the current price of galaxy S5 UK used as today, and which other cheaper android phone can be chosen in the place of S5?

Tnx a lot. How cute is your Used Q10 that you prefer an android tab with expensive internet subscriptions. I really feel you know what you want, The samsung tab 3 is really cool and sleek. Make up your mind. Note 2 is 37k, Note 3 is 59k, Innjoo is a new smartphone company in Nigeria, their devices are cool and ok. Hi, you can order for uk used phones via ebay, they sell used refurbished phones on ebay and it can easily be shipped to spain. The current uk used S4 is 37k, Read on how to identify fake android phones Here.

How much can I get Samsung galaxy note 3 N dual sim, and Samsung galaxy grand duos G dual sim. The S3 is an average android phone with nice specs and features, The Q10 cant be compared with the S3, they are different phones with different operating system. The s3 and Q10 has to be your choice to choose from. Keep it up, ur reward is guaranteed. Plz hw can I sell it or swap nd hw much can I sell naw….

Thanks, really appreciate, seems you got a Nigerian used Q10 device, Hope you i dont sell phones, only share prices and advises. Really dont knw how much the buyer would pay? Thanks, Appreciate the motivating comments, Well, its obvious you got a Nigerian used Q10, because currently a uk used Q10 cost 30 to 33k in the market.

Am sorry i dont sell or swap phones, only share prices and advises. Am so sure if you see a buyer for it you would sell it lower than the amount you bought it. All the best. I would really appreciate your reply, thanks. I sincerely appreciate the work you are doing. God bless you.

How much is uk used samsung galaxy grand. Both are cool samsung devices with great specs and features, So i can really say which is better, they are practically almost the same. The uk used price for the samsung grand 2 is 30k, while the galaxy prime is 36k. Hello brother, thanks for the numerous info.

Pls I would like th know how much a uk used S4 costs nd also if u know any trusted seller at computer village in ikeja. Lastly I wanna know if u know about laptops too. Thank you sir, Kindly go through the comments before asking already answered questions.

Am sorry i dont know about used laptop prices currently. Thanks a lot for ur information. Please kindly tell me which phone is the best between s6 edge and note edge.

Stolen in London, sold in Lagos - How Nigeria's 'London-used' phone market 'fuels UK crime rate'

I seriously need Samsung note I need it or would you advise i go for the new one. Please I am a HTC fan. Right now am interested in HTC One a9. Am in Owerri, and I wud love to get d phone b4 dis week runs out. U r great man, keep it up. I got 40k n I need clean uk used samsung galaxy note Any address where I shuld go? Bro pls how much can i get Samsung galaxy tab 2 Hi, kindly post the address of ur trusted dealers at ikeja for my edition of samsung galaxy note Samsung is the leading android brand.

The s4 runs an Android Lollipop or Marshmallow Operating system. Read this article. Call him on Please do please i need the names of credible stores where i can get samsung galaxy s4 active original uk used at naira as you posted. My phone fell from my hand last night d screen went blank it comes on makes sounds the lights on the pad comes on but the screen has stayed blank. So sorry about that, that is why i always recommend using a tampered glass protector.

You need to see a good phone technician to help you buy and fix the screen. I recommend computer village ikeja lagos.

List of All the Uk Used Smartphones & Prices in Nigeria - FreeBrowsingLink

I intend to get either one of dem before the end of the month. Latest prices is recent, But its not always the exact price at the time you want to purchase the device, The prices is for you to have an idea of the price range.

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  8. Hi, how are you today? The brand new Gionee M5 plus and the uk used samsung s6. I am confused on which to buy. I would need your advice. Please which one is better? A used Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or an iPhone 6 plus? I am a heavy browser!!! Need something that will give me the best experience. Well, the samsung note 5 and the iphone 6 plus are totally different.

    Firstly the iphone 6 plus is more expensive, since you said you wanted the best browsing experience, i advice you opt for the note 5. Wnt to buy a phone bt dnt knw wich one to go for btw j7 uk used or new infinix hot s, pls anyone u choose, try and help me include d reasons, tanx. Both devices are really great, but i always prefer getting a new phone and the Hot s is really amazing with cool specs and features, it has a big screen, fast processor, 8mp front camera and 13mp rear camera with other cool features.

    Hey boss,for shedding light on all nigerians problems concerning mobile phones Original and fake nice job and well done. Your most welcome, Glad to be of help. I do not know of any store in abj that sells uk used phones, i only know about computer village ikeja. Hello Larious, well done with this work.

    Your urgent reply will be appreciated. So sorry about that.

    buy cheap london used phones in nigeria Buy cheap london used phones in nigeria
    buy cheap london used phones in nigeria Buy cheap london used phones in nigeria
    buy cheap london used phones in nigeria Buy cheap london used phones in nigeria
    buy cheap london used phones in nigeria Buy cheap london used phones in nigeria
    buy cheap london used phones in nigeria Buy cheap london used phones in nigeria

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