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Where Is Touch ID On iPhone X?

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Restoring a very stubborn iPod touch

See also: Apple hardware before Apple hardware. It's used for jailbreaking and installing older systems on a device. You'll know you're in DFU mode because the screen will be blank, and iTunes will tell you it's found a device in recovery. But be cautious—DFU and Recovery modes are very similar, but not quite the same. Your screen should stay black the entire time.

If the screen lights up and displays the recovery mode image asking you to connect to iTunes, you held the Home button too long and will need to repeat the process. From here you can choose to restore to a specific firmware or a previous backup. Click Restore , then choose the file you want to restore to. Check out the video below which walks through both processes and gives a more detailed explanation of the differences between the two modes.

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  6. If all else fails, you may have to restore your device to factory settings. This will get rid of any files, music, or apps you have stored on the device, so use this as a last resort—especially if you're not able to backup first.

    How do I upgrade iPod touch to ios - Apple Community

    This is the only thing that has worked to fix my poor little ipod touch. Did you have any luck at all with your ipod cause mine is doing the same thing but I don't want to lose anything please let me now if something worked for you and if something did please let me know asap. Thank you so much! I'd found another online link that would tell me the generation of iPod it was from the serial number then worked through the drop down list for this iPod touch 1g and managed to get 2.

    But everything that i have tried doesnt seem to work Any advice? I have a ipod 4 since long time ago I try to charge it but loo like doesn't want the charge nothing happens no charge can you please help me. I bought from someone an ipod 6th generation but when its lock i can't open always the password not accepted And i cant restore on apple or i tunes bcoz i just bought it from someone and he already left yhe country.

    iPad (1st generation)

    Try method 3 in this guide , which is essentially the same method outlined above in the Recovery Mode section. It says something like this: Jones cannot unlock because it has a password. I've tried every password I could manage but I cannot get into my iPod. You'll have to restore the device via Recovery mode as outlined above, but you'll need the Apple ID info in order to get back into it. You can then restore from a backup if you have one or start anew. What if when you try to put into recovery mode it takes to to a screen showing a usb cord with an arrow to iTunes and you can't connect to iTunes?

    I'm trying to reset my Ipod touch but it says I have to connect to iTunes. What do I do?

    Drag this file to the desktop. Download a copy of the free redsn0w application. To do that, launch redsn0w, click the Extras button, click Even More on the resulting screen, and click Restore. On the page that appears, click on IPSW and in the navigation window that appears, navigate to the ipsw restore file on the desktop, select it, and click Open. You can then sync it with iTunes where you hopefully have a backup of your data, as restoring the device in this way wipes all your data from the iPod. Chris has covered technology and media since the latter days of the Reagan Administration.

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