Iphone 6s release date rose gold

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What is the iPhone 6s release date?

Are you lining up? Line at the AppleStore in SantaMonica. When does the iPhone6s arrive? Whatever your method, the 6s is one of the most coveted devices of the year, so getting your hands on Apple's latest device could take both time and patience.

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Editors' note Sept. There aren't many reasons to buy an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus at this point. The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus do have one minor distinction: All of the newer models have Apple's proprietary Lightning connector but also include a 3. There's no discernible difference in audio quality or performance between the ports. Bottom line: The full review of the Apple iPhone 6S, originally posted on Oct. When I showed the iPhone 6S to one of my wife's friends, she got nostalgic.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Price and Release Date

She waxed emotional about its predecessor, the iPhone 6. It changed her life. Bigger screen, better camera, and Apple Pay. Everyone wanted these things. It was as close to a perfect phone as I've ever seen. All it ever really lacked was a better battery Plus notwithstanding. I showed her 3D Touch, Apple's newest technology on these iPhones. She pressed on the hypnotically-animated lock screen, a swimming fish.

iPhone 6s Release Date: Specs, Pricing and How to Get a New iPhone 6s This Weekend

She watched it dance under her finger. And yes, she was impressed. This year's follow-up iPhone, the iPhone 6S, doesn't improve on that battery. And its newest features aren't as instantly game-changing, at least not on the surface. That's obvious: It's the phone for people who didn't get the iPhone 6 last year. And for the past few years, S phones have introduced evolutionary changes that seriously evolved the phone; the iPhone 4S added Siri, and the iPhone 5S debuted the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

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The new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus look the same except for the metallic-pink rose gold model as last year's iPhones. In a lot of ways they also feel the same. But there are hidden advantages at play. The newest, boldest tech is a new pressure-sensitive touchscreen technology called 3D Touch. There are lots of other improvements, too: Better overall system speed.

And always-on and I mean always -on -- unless you turn it off Siri. And, something I didn't even get a chance to test fully: We'll get to that in the next few weeks, but that alone could make a difference for a lot of would-be buyers. But does it make these new iPhones must-haves for that reason alone? I think it will, down the road, when more apps are here. But right now, its software advantages are subtle. I spent a week with the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in rose gold and gold, respectively , taking them everywhere I went, from farmer's markets in New Jersey to tailgating at a New York Jets game, to commuting on New Jersey Transit through the Meadowlands and to my kid's meet-the-teacher night.

I showed them to my friends, my family, anyone I met and got their opinions, too. For on-the-fly impressions, check out my weekend diary. I might take the miracle of tiny, powerful smartphones for granted, but I can't shake the feeling that the iPhone 6S doesn't, at this moment, have the "one big thing" to make people want to upgrade from the 6.

That doesn't mean it's not a better phone, of course it is. Right now, however, it's a promising upgrade from the iPhone 6, not a revolution.

But if you've been holding off on getting an iPhone for a while, don't wait anymore. Get this one or its big-screen sibling, the 6S Plus. Just make sure you don't buy the 16GB model. Press in on the iPhone 6S screen and new fascinating things happen. A pop-out window emerges.

Little menus appear. You feel a buzz, or a light click. Much like the Apple Watch , these iPhones let you push in on the screen to accomplish small tasks. Apple calls this 3D Touch. And it's the boldest new tech on these iPhones by a mile. It's a cool idea, but as I've discovered showing it to my family and friends, it's not entirely intuitive at first.

Yes, its promises could be vast. Some apps do a lot with these new ideas, especially Mail. Peeking-and-filing emails can transform how that app is used. But a lot of people who try it for the first time don't realize how to take advantage of 3D Touch. There's no tutorial. And for the most part, 3D Touch isn't essential yet.

Until it starts to be incorporated into more apps -- and in a more useful fashion -- I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people forget that it even exists. I like using 3D Touch to preview links, or to pop-up related apps.

Popular Apple iPhone 6s Plus Comparisons

When I hold an app and see a menu of extra options under my thumb, it feels almost like a computer, not a phone the latest MacBooks , which utilize a similar but less sensor-studded trackpad technology Apple calls Force Touch, have pop-up previews in Safari , too. Apple's building a common language, and evolving what your phone-sized computer can do. Pop-out previews are a really clever idea; links within Safari preview Web pages without any actual clicks.

The ability to pull up menus in the iPhone almost feels like right-clicking on a computer and getting a contextual menu. It's helpful, and surprisingly utilitarian. But you don't need to use it, you can always do things the same old way as always, with regular touch controls.

You can even turn 3D Touch off. And, those menus that pop up don't offer all the options I'd want. They're not all that customizable, either: A good handful of apps have emerged to take advantage of 3D Touch, but it's going to take a while before it feels widespread. Maybe that's why 3D Touch doesn't feel essential yet in iOS. But the apps that are emerging to take advantage of it are slowly coming, and those could get really interesting.

iphone 6s release date rose gold Iphone 6s release date rose gold
iphone 6s release date rose gold Iphone 6s release date rose gold
iphone 6s release date rose gold Iphone 6s release date rose gold
iphone 6s release date rose gold Iphone 6s release date rose gold
iphone 6s release date rose gold Iphone 6s release date rose gold

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