Is there a free auto tune app for iphone

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Find out the songs which you like a lot and create a special list. This app can prove to be a catalyst for your goal.

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What separates a great singer from the ordinary ones is the perfect understanding of pitch, rhythm and the much-needed control of voice. Voloco is a superb voice-processing app which provides the ideal guidance about vocoding as well as pitch-shifting. It features five vocal effects preset packs which can make your voice sound a lot better. While listening to any song, hum or sing along.

How To Sound Like Quavo Auto tune Tutorial (ON GARAGEBAND)

Voloco will instantly guess the most significant key of the song and help you fine tune your voice. Free Download Voloco.

Auto-Tune Mobile for iPhone - Download

Do you aspire to be the next-gen superstar like Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift? Record your music video and edit it using multiple voice effects. The voice enhancement technology ensures the sound quality is top notch.


If you want to let your friend know your talent, share the song via social media. Free Download The Voice. SongPop 2, with over , music clips from famous artists, is terrific in instilling both the confidence and decisive edge in you. It lets you challenge your friends and compete with them in order to sharpen your skill. You get a chance to compete against multiple aspiring singers. There are a number of music genres such as classic rock, rap, hip-hop, Indie to explore.

Auto-Tune Phone for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch released

The exclusive collections for every decade are fantastic for a great music time. Free Download SongPop 2. SingSnap declares that it has more karaoke tracks for free than the competitors with paid apps. The claim holds good. It comes with audio enhancements, a facility to record a video of you singing along with the audio, record duets with other users, and good sharing features. Free Download SingSnap Karaoke. While jamming along, you can record the audio or video and blast it on social media. The app also lets you sing duets and add sound effects to improve the voice.

Balance the music with the voice and also add themes. Free Download. Reviews Apps iPhone. Best iPhone Karaoke Apps: The app estimates the accuracy of performance. The basic possibilities are the same as those that are presented in the karaoke application StarMaker, but here, there are some other features characteristic of the Voice contest. For instance, while a canto is playing, the app displays judges sitting with their backs turned to the performer you! This app has reached a new standard of vox correction. Now your presets will sound in a new way.

Regardless of your singing skills, you will always hit the notes and the song will sound more natural. You may customize the keys, scales, tempos, and more. Record music in any format. This synthesizer has a lot of effects that can be applied to your voice. Voice Synth app can become an indispensable tool for musicians, DJs, and sound designers. You are not always capable of singing in unison? It does not matter — the program has a built-in AutoPitch technology , which can configure the tonality and tune your voice to any composition. Sound design, pitch shifter, arrangement, reverb, distortion, and voice delay — this is not even the complete list of functions this app has.

Try the role of a high-class pop artist! VocaLive is an indispensable program for iPhone owners who are engaged in vocals both at a professional and an amateur level. VocaLive Free serves for processing vox in real time. With this tool, you can process a recorded vox and add a multitude of effects: In VocaLive, you may use a lot of high-quality effects while recording vox tracks in real time.

At the same time, you can combine and store different combinations for further use.

The collection includes 55 built-in presets. The app also has the feature of emulating up to 20 types of classic and modern studio microphones. This will help to give the proper tint to your record.

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In addition, there is a built-in audio editor. With its help, recordings can be quickly and professionally edited right on the screen of your mobile device. This is an app for those who prefer to sing karaoke. The Glee tool is based on the comedy series Ryan Murphy which is also called Glee. After installation, you will see the stars of this series on the screen.

Later on, they will become your assistance.

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The app has a recording feature — you can try it and see what you get. You may share your record with others by posting it on Twitter or Facebook. You will be awarded points for each published song. The points can be used for loading new songs. You can create your own Glee club and invite your friends to join you. AutoTune is a tool to tune tracks or audio files to a specific note.

Analyze the sounds of a file, and convert it in the scale of your choice. Simply set the note, drag the file to the interface, and AutoTune will do the rest. You can also adjust the volume , depth , and channels used. Free audio and mp3 editor that anyone can use to meet all their music editing needs. Windows Multimedia Audio AutoTune Correct tone and volume of audio samples AutoTune is a tool to tune tracks or audio files to a specific note. View full description.

is there a free auto tune app for iphone Is there a free auto tune app for iphone
is there a free auto tune app for iphone Is there a free auto tune app for iphone
is there a free auto tune app for iphone Is there a free auto tune app for iphone
is there a free auto tune app for iphone Is there a free auto tune app for iphone
is there a free auto tune app for iphone Is there a free auto tune app for iphone

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