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Home Screen Quick Actions

To check at runtime whether a device supports 3D Touch, read the value of the forceTouchCapability property on the trait collection for any object that has a trait environment see UITraitEnvironment Protocol Reference. A user can turn off 3D Touch while your app is running, so read this property as part of your implementation of the traitCollectionDidChange: When it is available, take advantage of 3D Touch capabilities.

Running the Sample

When it is not available, provide alternatives such as by employing touch and hold, implemented with the UILongPressGestureRecognizer class. Static quick actions are available to the user immediately upon app installation. Dynamic quick actions are available to the user after first launch. Within this limit, the system shows your static quick actions first, starting at the topmost position in the menu.

Let’s Get Started

If your static items do not exhaust the limit and you have also defined dynamic quick actions, then one or more of your dynamic quick actions is displayed. Home screen static and dynamic quick action can each display up to two lines of text along with an icon. The system formats the text, wrapping it, aligning it, and adding ellipses as appropriate.

For the icon of a quick action, use one of the system template icons available via the iconWithType: For details on implementing Home screen quick actions, read the following material:. New methods in the UIViewController class for registering and unregistering a view controller for participation in 3D Touch.

GitHub - versluis/3D-Touch: iOS 9 Demo showing how to use 3D Touch on compatible devices

You can optionally configure a preview view controller to include a set of peek quick actions , or deep links into your app. A user can obtain peek quick actions by swiping a peek upward.

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  5. iOS 9 3D Touch Sample App!

When the user selects a quick action, your app activates or launches and your app delegate object receives the quick action message. Both types of quick action can display up to two lines of text along with an optional icon. You can now enable the view controllers in your app instances of the UIViewController class to respond to user presses of various intensities.

As the user presses more deeply, interaction proceeds through three phases:. Display of the preview—known as a peek —with options to act on it directly—known as peek quick actions. When you employ peek and pop, the system determines the pressures at which one phase transitions to the next.

iOS9 3DTouch Tutorial: Introduction

With a light press, surrounding content blurs to tell the user a preview of additional content—the peek —is available. Press a bit more deeply and the view transitions to show the peek, a view which you typically configure to display more content—as the Mail app does here.

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  • Getting Started with 3D Touch.
  • Adopting 3D Touch on iPhone: 3D Touch APIs.
  • If the user ends the touch at this point, the peek disappears and the app returns to its state before the interaction started. Alternatively at this point, the user can press deeper still on the peek itself to navigate, using the system-provided pop transition, to the view being previewed as a peek: This final phase—display of the pop view—is not shown here. Each peek quick action is a deep link into your app.

    This allows the user to tap a quick action, invoking the associated deep link. You can also enable peek and pop for links in web views, as described in Web View Peek and Pop.

    3D Touch APIs

    For the first time on iOS devices, these properties let you detect and respond to touch pressure in the UIEvent objects your app receives. The force of a touch has a high dynamic range, available as a floating point value to your app.

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