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Much like Angry Birds and other physics-based games, this game requires some strategy. This is a highly addictive game that has been played over , times and given a rating of 5 stars on the Ninja Games developer website. In Ninja Dogs, your goal is to rescue the Ninja Dog Master from a cat by launching dogs into the air and crushing all the cats in sight.

Legendary physics destruction

The graphics on this game are a bit reminiscent of Angry Birds, especially since the game contains vivid colors, a cartoony style, and huge-headed dogs with tiny bodies, much like the angry birds only seem to have bodies and no heads. I should admit something. You should shoot straight to the target like a first-person shooter game. Your goal is to crush the enemy the individuals without an exclamation point on their heads by flinging items and demolishing blocks. You must figure out a way to finish off all the enemies with the allotted ammo and without hurting your allies, or your siege will fail.

Other than that, Sieger is a very engaging game that requires you to think strategically. Each of these five physics-based, catapulting games like Angry Birds should also make a nice addition to your collection of good games. Let us know about your favorite games mobile or web in the comments below!

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38 Games Like Crush the Castle

Your email address will not be published. Here are some other games you might enjoy: Blosics 3 is one of the latest ones they added. Not quite as good as Angry Birds with respect to the story, but the annoying and cranky blocks are kind of fun! Bob, I don't know your message got cut off, but here it is in its entirety: Crush the Castle is one of the best games to waste time to, and it's easy enough for my daughter who is six and has finished both 1 and 2. I have looked for similar games but had no luck, then you posted this!

Thank you, gonna check these out and I'm sure my daughter would say a big thank you too! Didn't Angry Birds just rip off Crush the Castle? Anyways thanks for this post! I'm not sure they did, but Crush the Castle seems to have been around longer. They might just be similar. By the way, I found some games that your daughter might find cool too: I have spent a lot of time searching for stuff like this it's amazing what a six year old can do on a comp when you show them I have stumbled upon some good sites but have mostly wasted my time.

2. Papa Pear Saga

The game takes place in the proficient city and allows the player to choose his character and start playing the game with fun-filled activities. It is also available to play on Android platform. The gameplay is very simple just take aim strategically, power-up, and fire on enemies in order to eliminate them. Games Like Dd Tank. It is an Action, Arcade and Single-player video game and available to play on Cross-platform. The game lets the player use a slingshot to shot birds at evil pigs sheltered in various structures.

The primary goal is to eliminate all the bad pigs on the playing field by shooting birds on them. There are many birds, and each…. Games Like Angry Birds. The player can play this game on Android platform only. There are 13 types of frogs, of which seven are unique and six with combined powers. Through level editor,…. Games Like Angry Frogs. Fling Monster the offers wonderful slingshot gameplay like Angry Birds and available to play on Android and iOS mobile platforms.

The game takes place in various environments, and each represents a set of different levels. The game looks simple but hard to master.

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In the game, the astronaut attacks on the planet x…. Physics Single Player Skill.

Games Like Fling Monster. Android iOS Phone. The game takes place in the fantasy world and embarks the player on an epic adventure where he has to rescue the princess from the custody of enemies. The game offers a set of levels in each world….

Games Like Catapult King. The game offers the exciting gameplay, in which the player must destroy various structures made up of colored blocks.

Review: Crush the Castle: Siege Master

The game is available to play on Android platform only. The game sounds simple but hard to master. It features more than 13 different balls in order to fulfill…. Games Like Blosics.

15 Best Games Like Clash of Clans Of 2017 - You Must Play

The gameplay is similar to Angry Birds. It is available to play on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. In the game, there are lots of levels where the player must knock down all the colored boxes using his aiming and logical skills. The player has to take aim, stretch…. Games Like Knock Down.

17 Apps Like Crush The Castle – Top Apps Like

The gameplay of the game consists of the series of levels, and in each level, the player task is using anthropomorphized globs of goo to clear all the bombs. When the player can break the contact with an obstacle in the level, they spilled open, spilling colored goo that causes…. Games Like Splatter. Ricochet Kills: Noir is a Puzzle, Shooter and Single-player video game developed and published by Mibix.

iphone games like crush the castle Iphone games like crush the castle
iphone games like crush the castle Iphone games like crush the castle
iphone games like crush the castle Iphone games like crush the castle
iphone games like crush the castle Iphone games like crush the castle
iphone games like crush the castle Iphone games like crush the castle

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